15 Most Popular Baby Boy Names & Their Meanings in 2018

So, you’re having a baby boy any time soon. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to think of a perfect name for your little angel. In fact, it’s quite tough and confusing to choose one, for there are tons of baby names available out there.

Probably one of the hardest things to do as parents is naming your baby. The pressure will always be on when choosing a suitable name for your baby that you will all love forever. Both parents should agree with each other before you can finally settle on one.

Worry not, for here’s a useful list of the most popular baby boy names and their meanings that you can use as a reference when it’s time to name your bundle of joy already:

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1. Caleb

Naming your baby boy as Caleb means dog or bold in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Caleb is one of the two Israelites to enter the promised land. This name also suggests a desire to build a strong home and family life. When you are named Caleb, you yearn for change, freedom, and excitement. You are a logical, intelligent, and an adventure seeker. For the last fifteen years, Caleb has always been included in the list of most popular baby boy names in the world.

2. Adam

Remaining as a strong competitor in the baby boy name market, Adam is yet another famous one. In Hebrew, it means red. While in the Old Testament, Adam is known as the first-ever man created by God. Adam tends to be the one who has a deep desire for companionship and love. He is a leader and has a compassionate and powerful personality that is focused in efficiency and determination. More so, he loves to work with people closest to his heart to build a harmonious and peaceful environment.

3. Isaac

If you are going to name your baby boy Isaac, its meaning is laughter in Hebrew. It is also a biblical name, which was given to the long-awaited son of the Abraham and Sarah. Isaac enjoys a positive driven life and seldom lets negativity get his way. He is someone who desires love and happiness for everybody. In addition, he longs to share the joy and knowledge he has learned throughout his life to others.

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4. Lucas

Choosing Lucas as your baby boy’s name is a great idea. It has a Latin meaning of light and illumination. Lucas is said to be a name for those who are artistic, conventional, and idealistic. He is also a somebody who longs for order and will motivate others to utilize their creativity so as to boost their potential. Additionally, he has a logical but spiritual mind.

5. Joseph

Definitely a favorite baby boy name, Joseph should not be missed out in this list. The name Joseph has a meaning of May Jehovah increase in Hebrew. Obviously, it is also a biblical name from the new and old testaments. It has a rich history as it’s the name of Virgin Mary’s husband as well as the more favored son of Rachel and Jacob. Joseph is someone who wants to inspire people to live a meaningful life all the time. He’s born a leader, who cares deeply about his followers.

6. Finn

A beautiful Gaelic name, Finn has a huge appeal to everyone. It literally means fair in Irish. Once you opt for this name, your child is believed to have an oozing charm and energy. Finn aims to use his natural characteristics to serve humanity in the best way possible. He is an introvert and understands what he truly wants in life. Also, he won’t rush into anything without analyzing things properly first.

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7. Jack

In case you are in search for a short, strong, and sweet name, then go for Jack. This English name means God is gracious. Jack is a the kind of person who lead people and create a path for others clearly. He remains focused, logical, and independent. Probably, his best characteristic is analyzing a situation well and utilizing his powerful mind and education at its full potential.

8. Alexander

A defender of men in Greek, Alexander always makes it in the list of top baby boy names. This classic noble name has a modern twist that’s why a lot of parents opt for this choice. The name Alexander uses his talents to obtain success in different fields, such as acting, dancing, singing, or writing. He utilizes his creativity to live life to the fullest and has a dynamic and strong personality.

9. Daniel

Another perennial choice, Daniel stays among the best baby boy names for many decades now. Originally an Irish name, which means attractive, it stirs up a sense of modernity. Daniel has a magnetic character that motivates him to make friends with others as well as patch things up with his enemies. He is also a family person who desired to bring people closer with one another. His being intuitive, passionate, and considerate are just some of his best assets. It is also worth noting that Daniel is romantic, who easily falls in love and doesn’t mind taking the risk even if it means breaking his own heart.

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10. Elijah

For parents who want a biblical name for their son, you can also choose Elijah. It means Jehovah is God in Hebrew. This three syllable name has a powerful and lovely sound, making it one of the best options for your baby boy’s name. Elijah is soft and gentle who has a stable surrounding and strong family ties. He uses his compassion and intuition in helping those in need and is a humanitarian. In order to hand a helping hand to others, he entices people through his effective negotiation tactics and strong communication skills.

11. Theodore

By naming your beloved son Theodore, you are proving to everyone that he is truly God-given. And that is what it really means in Greek. This person named as such suggests that he understands and knows that everybody has power and uses his own for greater good. Though he may look proud, he is still humble and passionate. He also has a magnetic personality, making him easy to befriend others, but can hurt them, too.

12. Hunter

It’s kind of unusual to name your son Hunter, but it’s absolutely a brilliant thought. This quirky and a bit daring name gives a mysterious appeal to the wearer. Hunter is known to be an organizer and a leader. He trusts himself the most and loves challenging and seeking thrilling adventures whenever, wherever. Overall, Hunter is an optimistic and trustworthy person.

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13. Logan

Derived from a place called Ayrshire in Scotland, Logan is surprisingly one of the most common baby boy names these days. It is somewhat weird, but with its gentle yet masculine character, it has become a perennial name for baby boys from across the globe. Logan is an individual who has an inner passion for solitude and peace. He is an influential person, however, doesn’t abuse his authority and power over his followers. Most of all, Logan loves to analyze things quietly and has a natural ability to manage people effectively.

14. Dylan

Referring to the sea, Dylan is a Welsh name that means born near the sea or son of the wave. This name implies a knowledgeable and wise person. Dylan is also one of those natural born leaders who knows when to use his personal strengths to his own advantage. He might be a silent and shy type kind of person, nonetheless, he is sympathetic and considerate.

15. Oliver

Believe it or not, Oliver is the top baby boy name in New Zealand, England, and Australia. It means affectionate in Norse and is certainly a charming and timeless name. Oliver is a generous, compassionate, broadminded, and romantic person. He is eager to spread harmony, love, and happiness because of his humanitarian nature. Not only that, Oliver is a man who falls deeply in love and at the same time gets hurt more than other people.

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Best options to name your baby boy

There are a lot of things to consider when you are naming your most cherished baby boy. Sometimes, its not just the parents who make the decision, rather the entire family. You need to take into account other suggestions, but see to it that the final say is still up to you.

These names specified above will help you make your decision making easier. Simply pick out any of these and your dearest son will have a precious name to live by.

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