15 Most Popular Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings in 2018

Are you expecting a baby girl soon? That’s a great news then! Having a baby is a milestone that you need to treasure, especially if you are a first-time parent. Babies are blessings, so take good care of them and love them unconditionally.

As parents, naming your baby girl is quite tough yet full of fun. There are plenty of choices available out there and you just have to select the best one for your little ball of sunshine. It might take you some time to finally decide on one, still it will all be worth it.

Whether you are in search for a baby girl’s name that is simple, sweet, or inspiring, look no further. Here are some of the most popular names that could perfectly suit your baby girl:

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1. Emma

A charming name for your beautiful little one, Emma is considered as the top baby name for girls in the past decades. This simple yet adorable name means universal, whole, or complete in German. Girls with the name Emma are said to be versatile, dynamic, and love adventure as well as change. They are extremely optimistic individuals who can befriend others easily and know how to use their freedom properly.

2. Scarlett

As beautiful as it sounds, Scarlett is an appealing name for every girl out there. It has been one of the most popular names around the world, which means red in English. The bearers of this name desire to be part of a loving and stable community. They are fiery and passionate in everything they do, too. Scarlett may be successful in the commercial and business fields, but this may also be a sign of weakness.

3. Amelia

For an ageless option when naming your bundle of joy, opt for Amelia. This Teutonic name means defender. Once you have chosen this name for your baby girl, it is believed that she will be a visionary, active, and flexible. She will be thrilled by adventure and change. In addition, girls with the name Amelia will keep on fighting with what they believe is right. This is the main reason why they may be rebellious at times.

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4. Charlotte

Believed to be the counterpart of the name, Charles, Charlotte has been a favorite choice of parents from across the globe over the years. It means feminine and tiny in French. Girls with such name have a deep desire in expressing and creating themselves in different forms, such as writing, public speaking, singing, and acting. They are extremely creative individuals and always the center of attention. Certainly, the name Charlotte is a special and elegant choice for your little girl.

5. Olivia

A Latin word, Olivia simply means olive. In Greece, olive was used as a token of fertility and peace as well as the symbol of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. With this, naming your little girl Olivia signifies a balance between femininity and strength. Also, it has a Shakespearean origin, as it is the name of the heroine in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Definitely, this lovely name would perfectly fit your baby girl.

6. Luna

Give your daughter a symbolic name, like Luna, and she will surely stand out. In Latin, Luna can be translated as the moon. This adorable name signifies conventionalism and a passion for creativity. Bearers of this name are said to excel in whatever career they might venture in the future and often drawn to the arts. It will never be a regret for parents who pick out this name for their pretty girl.

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7. Ellie

With Greek origin, Ellie means shining light. This short, cute name is easy to pronounce and totally lovable. Those who are named Ellie tend to become teachers, mystics, and philosophers one day. They are also believed to be the most loyal people in the world and love to analyze their surrounding. Parents would be so fortunate enough to have an Ellie in their lives, so it is really a great name to choose.

8. Penelope

If you want an impactful name for your precious girl, Penelope is a perfect choice. It has a rich meaning and can be translated as white shoulder in Greek. Those who have this name strive for success in all things they are up to and yearn to have beauty in general around them. Additionally, Penelope also loves expressing thoughts, be it through dancing, singing, writing or acting.

9. Lucia

Another popular name you can choose to name your dearest daughter is Lucia. It is a Latin word that means light. Girls with this name are physically creative and desire to get involved in safe, traditional activities. They are born leaders and have a powerful personality. More so, they are said to be creative as well as unique individuals and will be focused on specific goals. The wealth of creative ideas will be given to them and be able to implement these effectively to other people. However, they can be impatient and stubborn at times.

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10. Hazel

Symbolizing authority and protection, it is no wonder that Hazel is included in the list of the top baby girl names in the world. It has a Teutonic origin that means the hazelnut tree or commander.  Bearers of this pleasing name are born teachers, for they have so much in mind and need to share their knowledge to others. They are also inclined to be introspective, understanding, and quiet individuals.

11. Victoria

Timeless and classy name, Victoria is unsurprisingly a popular baby girl name for decades now. Coming from a Latin origin, it means victory. Girls who are named Victoria are extremely adaptable and observers. They are intelligent individuals, fast-learners, and thoughtful persons. Without a doubt, it has stood the test of time already with its grace and beauty. A little Victoria in the family will totally bring joy to you.

12. Savannah

A romantic and soft name, Savannah has increased its popularity these days. It was derived from a Native American word, zabana, which can be translated as large grassy plain. Bearers of this gorgeous name are predicted to be natural born performers. They are a showstopper who succeed in their chosen paths and always in the limelight. Also, Savannah has become a more popular name because of the characters in variou love stories, like in one of best-selling books of Nicholas Sparks, Dear John.

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13. Stella

It is always a good idea to name your beloved little girl Stella. This Latin word means star, which is ideal to name your daughter for she is absolutely the star in the family. Stella is a stylish name and those who live by this name are said to be patient and love serving humanity. They are levelheaded persons who simply desire for harmony, stability, and peace. It is one of their goals to put balance in everything they do, so they work the hardest to achieve it.

14. Natalie

Known as an exquisite Russian name, Natalie means Christmas or birthday. Its Latin roots translate it as born at Christmas. There won’t be any problem naming your sweet daughter Natalie for it is a classic name that will forever remain in style. Girls with this name are known to be competent, spiritual, and practical. They have a distinct trait and can get along very well with others. In addition, these girls are seeker of deep truths and analytical thinkers.

15. Aurora

In case you want a fairytale name for your baby girl, go for Aurora. Popularised by Charles Perrault’s The Sleeping Beauty, the name Aurora is a Latin word, which has a meaning of the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. Those who are named as such are considered to be intuitive, spiritual, idealistic, and highly imaginative. They can be very opinionated once they share their thoughts about anything to others as well as tend to be visionary who inspire people around them. Moreover, their desire for inspiration can either make or break them if misused.

Top choices to name your baby girl

It is exciting to have a baby girl and what makes it more thrilling is finally naming her. There might be tons of names you can choose from, but the most important thing is what you want as parents. You might take a look at this list of popular baby girl names to make things easier for you.

Deciding on what to name your little sweetheart can be stressful. As much as possible think of a name ahead of time in order to avoid procrastinating when it is time to give her a name. Both parents must already have a name for their daughter in mind, so everything will be organized.

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