15 Things to Do in Phuket for a Vacation Like No Other

Experience the best of both worlds in Phuket, the Pearl of the Andaman Sea! Exploring this largest island in Thailand with your loved ones will be a one-of-a-kind journey that you will treasure all your life. Enjoy the tropical vibe, inviting waters, and fascinating appeal of this sweet haven like no other.

With a land area of approximately 540 square kilometers, Phuket is home to iconic cultural attractions, stunning historical old town, glorious beaches, and breathtaking scenery. Definitely, there are tons of things to see and do while here, so you will always have something to try. It’s an ideal travel destination for those who simply want to hang loose and spend some good times in a paradise.

As a place of variety, Phuket is sure to fire up your vacation. There will never be a dull moment on this island as there are plenty of activities you need to check out. Here’s a rundown of the best things to do in Phuket you need to tick off your bucket list:

1. Pay a visit to the Big Buddha

Image Credit: rduxenneuner | pixabay.com

Take time to visit the 45-meter high Big Buddha, the biggest Buddha statue in Phuket, for a memorable cultural activity. Nestled on top of the Nakkerd Hills, this awe-inspiring tourist spot has become one of the top sights to visit when on the island. Pay your respect to the golden shrine and drive up to the Big Buddha and gaze at the astonishing 360-degree view of Thailand. You’ll surely be in awe with the amazing view from there.

2. Chill out at Phi Phi Island

Image Credit: mike18656156590 | pixabay.com

Soak up the lovely view and waters of Phi Phi Island. In 2000, it has become more popular because of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, The Beach. Many tourists have flocked in this ultimate tropical getaway since. A visit to Phuket won’t be complete without seeing this gorgeous island, so don’t miss out on this one. You’ll be witnessing its turquoise blue warm waters, sheer cliffs tower, and astounding beach-fronted jungle. A love at first sight, indeed!

3. Explore the Shrine of the Serene Light

Image Credit: Jenn Lu | flickr.com

Check out the restored Shrine of the Serene Light, which is built about 150 years ago by a local family. This beautiful old Chinese shrine is now one of the most famous shrines in Phuket and takes pride of its Taoist etchings on the walls as well as its fully repainted exteriors. The altar always has freshly laid flowers and everything’s well-maintained since a live in caretaker ensures that things are in order all the time.

4. Enjoy the spectacular Phuket FantaSea Show

Image Credit: Jamie Monk | flickr.com

Keep yourself entertained with the extraordinary Phuket FantaSea Show. The theatre is housed in a 140-acre complex that is packed with a lot of activities and entertainment for everyone. With a mix of fantasy, loose plotline, and humor, the show is fun and professionally done. You’re going to witness elephants on stage, trapeze artists, and pyrotechnics while watching this Las Vegas-style presentation. Undoubtedly, it is worthy of a spot in this list of top things to do when in Phuket.

5. Stroll along the Monkey Hill and meet macaques

Image Credit: Chuck Jensen | flickr.com

Walk up Toh Saw Hill or popularly known as Monkey Hill, the tallest hill Phuket Town. Home to more than 400 macaques living on the hill, you’ll meet them on your way. The monkeys here don’t attack humans, but it still pays off to be careful and keep an eye of your things. Feel free to hand them fruits when visiting the hill. Also, there is a shirine at the bottom of the hill, where three different holy spirits are honored, namely Toh Sae Kaow, Toh Sae Dang, and Toh Sae Dam.

6. Party the night away at Bangla Road

Image Credit: Nicolas Lannuzel | flickr.com

Wind down at Bangla Road with your buddies and experience the lively nightlife scene in Phuket. There are numerous bars, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs in this popular night hub, so you’ve got a lot of options where to go for a fun and unforgettable evening. Don’t be surprised to see street entertainers trying to get you into their tailor shops of ping pong shows, for this is normal at Bangla Road. You just gotta be open minded and enjoy the rest of the night.

7. Visit the stunning Wat Chalong temple

Image Credit: stromianer | pixabay.com

Head over the striking temple of Wat Chalong. Visited by thousands of tourists every year, it is one of the most significant temples in Phuket and the island’s spiritual center. It highlights the Grand Pagoda, which contains a tiny splinter from the bone of Lord Buddha and is beautifully decorated with photos and images of the Buddha that depict his life story. There are other things you can see here, including Poh Jao Wat that contains two statues of elderly men. You’ll certainly have a worthwhile time at this temple.

8. Swing by Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Image Credit: Roderick Eime | flickr.com

Wondering why elephants are Thailand’s national symbol? Well, it’s because elephants portray longevity, durability, and strength, just like the Thai people. With this, you must consider going to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and learn more about them as well as support ethical elephant tourism. You can interact closely with the gentle giants in a more animal-friendly and ethical way.

9. See ladyboys performing at Simon Cabaret

Spend an unforgettable night at Simon Cabaret, the largest and most popular transvestite cabaret show in Phuket. Get ready to see the gorgeous ladyboys performing live each night. Featuring a marvelous musical floor show, you’ll be treated to a fabulous evening by different performers who will truly wow you. Their costumes are incredible and everyone will surely have fun. Without a doubt, you will be impressed at how these ladyboys really look like women and carry themselves very well.

10. Walk around Phuket Old Town

Image Creedit: Piyawit Kamput | flickr.com

Take a trip to Old Town, the provincial capital of Phuket, and discover its impressive local sights. This spot is rich in history, Sino-Portuguese splendors, outstanding restaurants, and charming shophouses. You will be surprised by its unique mix of colonial and Chinese architecture as you walk around it. Moreover, there are city tours you can avail in order to fully explore the Old Town and make the most of your time while here.

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11. Discover a fantasy world at Phuket Trickeye Museum

Image Credit: Elmar | flickr.com

Stimulate your creativity and imagination at Trickeye Museum. Known as the first of its kind in southern Thailand, this interactive museum was designed to engage visitors with its impressive art. Plenty of eye-deceiving 3D art pieces are here to amaze and intrigue you, so never miss out on this fun tourist attraction when in Phuket.

12. Take in the breathtaking view at Phang Nga Bay

Image Credit: eltonmaxim | pixabay.com

Take a breather at the majestic Phang Nga Bay. It is home to more or less 40 small islands and filled with mangroves, caves, and lagoons. A day spent here will definitely be memorable because you’re going to witness the magnificence of nature. Not only that, it takes pride of its sheer limestone cliffs that are truly remarkable and hard to miss when you’re in this bay. In order to guarantee that you do everything while here, get a tourist guide. This way, you are sure enough to experience all significant activities at Phang Nga Bay.

13. Get up close with the tigers at Tiger Kingdom

Image Credit: [email protected] | flickr.com

Want to see tigers face to face? It’s possible at Tiger Kingdom! It is the perfect place to experience an up-close interaction with the Indochinese tigers in Phuket. These tigers are well-trained and friendly, so there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re free to touch the tigers and take a photo with them, too. To avoid the crowd, you can visit the kingdom as soon as it opens.

14. Hang loose at Patong Beach

IMage Credit: Joe Nazarian | flickr.com

Have the best of your time at Patong Beach, the heart of Phuket, with your loved ones. Doubtlessly, it is the most popular beach town in the island. Tons of tourists flock here because of its glorious beach as well as bustling nightlife. It is worth the experience at least once in your life. You can try a lot of thrilling outdoor activities here, too, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and snorkeling. Amazing moments await you at Patong Beach, so enjoy every bit of it.

15. Score great finds at Phuket night markets

Image Credit: Heather | flickr.com

Find all the great stuff at Phuket night markets. In fact, there are a wide selection of night markets to choose from when you’re looking for all sorts of items to purchase, like souvenirs, clothes, jewelries, or food, at low prices. These are truly the best places to get your shopping fix, especially if you want to buy a lot of things for yourself or family and friends.

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