2 Major Questions To Consider Before Doing A Mid-Life Career Switch

In the past, the (ideal) life cycle of man would be something like this – infant > child > teenager > single adult > married adult > parent > grandparent. In the process of the adult lifespan, a person would naturally be working. As compared to now, many people are likely to stay in one job for the longest time in those days. Nowadays the millennials are job-hopping regularly due to various reasons (burnout, boredom, wrong career, no welfare, no challenge etc), three years, four years, five years, no more than that for most of them.

A mid-career switch is something even more frightening. You have already invested in your skill set and prior education, and now you are completely removing it from the equation and leaping into the unknown into another career type.

2 Pressing Questions Before You Do A Mid-Life Career Switch

Why do some people do that?

As mentioned the reasons above for job-hopping, they also apply to the mid-career switch. Sometimes you have been doing the same routine for too many years, and it just snaps. There are no more challenges, it is entirely boring, and the possible long hours exact a toll on the body and mind. But it is also a totally risky move. What if you can’t cope with the new industry or the work or knowledge? (Some people have no choice in the matter, because of lay-off or retrenchment).

Before you take the plunge, there are 2 questions you need to answer first:

Is the new career a fit for your interest and skills?

Are you willing to invest time to learn the new skill? Find out more about what the new career entails, whether in the matter of skills, working hours, career prospect, or any special requirements.

Is the paycheck going to make a difference to your decision?

Ideally, money should not be a deciding factor. In fact, a mid-career switch would potentially see a pay cut, since you are at a certain age, and there are definitely others who are more qualified AND skilled than you.

But before you even come to this stage, you can take some steps to address any burnout issues:

  • Get sufficient sleep – More than not, burnout is aggravated by a lack of rest. The body is tired, the mind is exhausted. Sleep is vital to a person’s health, and it is of paramount importance that a restful sleep be achieved for the body to be able to recharge and repair itself.
  • Have a break – Learn to take a break at regular times, be it a tea-break in the afternoon, or the pampering spa and massage over the weekend, or an overseas trip. This will greatly reduce the stress placed on the body.

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