20 Most Common Nicknames for Couples (Couple Nicknames Guide!)

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In most relationships, one common way for couples to show their affection for each other is to give each other nicknames that only they call each other (other than biting each other, of course). These nicknames for couples are only reserved for your bae. You can think of it as a code name but in a romantic fashion.

Some of the couple nicknames I have overheard were actually quite adorable; some are pretty funny and then there are some that make me feel like vomiting. But that will be for another article because today, we are going to look at the most common nicknames an average couple will usually give and use on each other.

So, to all couples out there, are your nicknames on this list?

1) “Dear”/”Dearest”
The number one most common nickname. I hear that almost every day whenever I walk past some couple.

2) “Honey”/
Probably the number two most common nickname. But it sounds pretty sweet, just like honey.

3) “Baby/Babe”/”BB”
The arch-rival to “honey” in terms of most common nickname, there are actually some people that hate it as it sounds cheesy. And there are some who feel it is endearing. But whatever floats your boat.

4) “Sweetheart”/”Sweetie”
Awwwwww! You are so sweet!

5) “BAE”
I FREAKING HATE THIS WORD! But for some unknown reasons, quite a number of couples still use it.

6) “Darling”
Very common yet affectionate nickname.

7) “Angel”
This is super sweet but I guess you can only use it if she is really close to you. Like when both of you are in a committed relationship. But whichever way you look at it, it is a nice nickname.

8)” Waifu”
The anime term for “significant other”. But it sounds adorable, well, to me at least.

9) ‘Woman”/”Girl”
Of course we are women! Who do you think we are? Men?

10) ‘Man”/”Bro”
Of course we are men! Who do you think we are? Women?

11) “Cutie Pie”/”Cutie”
*vomits blood*

12) “Gorgeous/Beautiful”/”sexy”
Awwww… Thank you! So sweet! *blushes*

13) “Handsome”
Of course I am handsome! That’s why you are attracted.


14) “Bao Bei”
The Chinese version of baby.

15) “Princess”

16) “Prince Charming”
Not true most of the time. It’s just a counter to princess.

17) “Senpai”

18) “Pumpkin”
Sounds cute and loving.

This always make me think of Gollum and his ring! MYYYYY PRECIOUSSSSS!


20) “Hubby”
Think of it as the male version of “Honey”

In the meantime, since you’re only here because you’re attached, do watch this love story to the end and you’d thank us later:

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