19 most attractive and hottest female English names of all time


Most girls like to be hot so as to attract the opposite gender, and to be hot, they need a hot name as well. I mean, who would like to have

I mean, who would like to have a hot physical appearance but have a dorky or plain name. Plus, studies have found that guys are more attracted to and have a deeper impression of girls with hot and attractive names.

So today, we are going to find out which are the most attractive English girl names of all time. Who knows, maybe you are on the list too! Note: I know there are many attractive names out there, I can only cover a few.

1) Scarlett

A deep red colour that symbolises passion, all the Scarletts I know are extremely hot. Even celebrities who are called Scarlett seems more stunning than the rest. The best examples would be Scarlett Johansson.

2) Simone

There is something sassy, hot and gamine about girls’ names derived from boys’ names, especially Simone.

3) Alessandra

Sounds like the wealthy and beautiful heiress heroine of a romance novel or soap opera.

4) Natasha

Reminds me of a sexy Russian spy. (that falls in love with an incredibly strong green mutant) I wonder who… …

5) Nicolette

Nicole is already hot enough but add a “tte” to it and viola, the hotness bar is raised by a lot, with a French element to it.


6) Leila

This name is actually of Arabic origin and when translated, means “night beauty”

7) Angel

It is pretty obvious why this name is considered to be a attractive girl name.

8) Chloe

Somehow, I associate most Chloes as girls with beautiful and stunning appearances. Just like Chloe Grace Moretz.

9) Megan

Sporty, Funky, funny and hot rolled into one name.

10) Abby

Fun, cute, hot and always laughing. (Or that’s how I perceive Abbys anyway)

11) Aurora

Not a common girl name but the name itself already sounds hot and mesmerising, just like the aurora lights

12) Cat/Kat

This hot kitty here got claws! Watch out!

13) Elina

Is it just me or does this name gives the girl some sort of magical feel to it?

14) June

June is soft-spoken, but always honest. She’s also really, really good at board games. (That’s the June I know)

15) Juliet

You know this is going to be an attractive name when this name is used in one of the most romantic love stories ever.

16) Emma

The name Emma is pleasant to the ear, sweet-sounding, easy to remember and are associated with pretty. For examples, see Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

17) Ruby

One of the most regal and sultry girl names I can think of

18) Rin

I know this is not really considered as an English name to some people, but lets make an exception. Derived from one of the Vocaloids of Japan, not only does this name have an Oriental feel to it, it also easy to remember and sounds cute yet perky at the same time.

19) Clementine

Clementine sounds sweet, adorable and is also a unique name. You can also call her cute nicknames like Clem or Clemmy etc. Plus, she reminds me of one of my favorite gaming characters.

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