20 Signs that you and your opposite sex best friend are getting too close


Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 2:26 pm

Whether you have a guy or a girl, you will have at least one opposite sex best friend which you constantly hang out with and are very close to. I know that best friends have that kind of inseparable bond between them, you know, you might get a little bit too close comfort.

Reader: Ok but what about best friends having sex?

I mean, at that point if you’re still wondering if you and your best friend are getting too close, well, you’re pretty dumb.

Maybe both of you might not have realised it but little by little, you are stepping beyond the boundaries of best friends. It’s kind of like you and your opposite sex best friend are more than besties but not a couple, like you are kind of in between.

Of course, people will argue that that is a bond that only besties will understand but if you two are starting to get weird comments that both of you are too close or that people mistake you for a couple, maybe it is time to take a step here.

Anyways, here are the signs to show that you and your opposite sex best friend are getting too close for comfort.


1) Both of you can talk about each other’s family and personal issues like they are your own.

And have no problems having heart-to-heart talks with each other

2) You play with each other’s hair and actually enjoy it.

3) You feel very unhappy when they talk to someone else of the same gender as you.

Like you are a guy and then see your girl best friend talk to another guy, then you just feel unhappy. Vice versa for the ladies.

4) You keep on wearing identical outfits; as if you can predict what each other wear every time.

5) You don’t feel comfortable when you haven’t spoken to them for a few hours.

6) You will not date someone else that does not like your opposite best friend.

Your logic is; You like me, you got to like my best friend as well. Plus, their own BF/GF can only start dating your best friend once they got your approval.

7) If both of you have an argument, you will do it in a BF/GF manner.

Like you two argue, then get mad and refuse to talk to each other, but only last a few hours before you make up.

8) Both of you are able to know what each other is thinking just by looks, stares and non-verbal sounds.

You don’t even have to talk.

9) Both of you hold hands sometimes


(DAFUQ is wrong with both of you?)

10) At one point, you have even managed to imagine a future with your best friends rather than your own boyfriend or girlfriend

11) People mistake you two for a couple or feel uncomfortable with how close you two are.

12) You don’t feel like making new best friends.

Because you have already each other.

13) You can only make decisions after talking to them first.


14) You are able to finish each other’s sentences.

15) You share your food and drinks frequently.

16) Most of your photos on social media are about them

17) Both of you seem to go almost everywhere and do almost everything together.

18) You can just show up at their houses any time you want.


19) Even if you are eligible to go to a better school but your best friend cannot, you rather go to the same school with them.

(eg; in Singapore; you can go to like RJC but your best friend can only go Jurong JC; you will choose to go Jurong JC with him or her)

20) You treat their room as your room and likewise, they treat their room as your room.

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