21 signs that you are a Singaporean bimbo


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

According to dictionaries, a bimbo refers to a stupid girl who always screws up, wears lots of make-up and is obsessed with boys and clothes. No matter which country you are in, you can always see bimbos around. Singapore is no exception. Most commonly found in nail salons or some other atas places, you can always see them dressed up to the nines and following fashion trends, but don’t think that they are fashionstas because they are not. At most, they are failed fashionistas because they sometimes overdo it.

No matter which country they are in, bimbos always have the same characteristics and signs that make them bimbos. Which brings me to today’s article: The characteristics and signs that you are a bimbo and since we are in SG; the signs that you are a Singaporean bimbo.

1) All your accessories are blinged out with those bling-bling things like Swarovski crystals.

2) They try to use “cheem” words but end up using the wrong words or mispronouncing them.

3) They dumb real questions online and in real life and know all the wrong information.

4) They have also one goal in life: To marry a rich man, live in a bungalow and make babies together.


5) They love using; OH. MY.  GAWD!

6) They always think that ‘angmoh guys’ are better than local guys just because they are ‘angmoh’

7) They cry over the slightest things, like when they broke a nail or when one strand of hair is out of place.

8) Their make-up is so thick that when you slap them, you can see the make-up powder fly out from their face.

9) They are attention-seeking bitches.

10) They have wonderful bodies but their brain is made of straw.

11) They are obsessed with pink.

12) Their face is usually set in “resting bitch face” mode.

13) They follow the latest fashion trends but end up failing at it.

14) They rather jump off a building than do housework.

15) They know how to do the bimbo cheer. (Check it out, there really is one)

16) Their criteria for men: Big, Strong, Handsome and above all, rich!

17) Their dream car is a Beetle or Mini Cooper. And they only know these two cars.

18) They adorn themselves with expensive stuff, though majority is all imitation.


19) They are addicted to shoes and underwear.

20) They like to flaunt their assets even though they might not have any.
没有就是没有, 勉强是没有幸福的.

21) They don’t know how to spell the word “bimbo”

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