3 Golden Tips On Fixing Wedding Dress Disasters


Imagine this: just moments before walking down the aisle, you notice something has happened to your precious wedding dress. In the flurry of activities, what do you do next? Well, take a deep breath and relax – we’ve got you covered with our tested-and-proven tips on dealing with stains, a stuck zipper or other wardrobe malfunctions you can imagine.


When you’re buying your dress, be sure to ask the designer about the treatments needed for the fabric of your dress, as well as the recommended method for steaming or ironing. For water-based stains, like the ones from red wine, quickly dab it with a clean cloth. Do not rub it or use a hairdryer as it will only do more damage. After it dries, you can cover what’s left with chalk.

Remove oil-based stains resulting from perfume or salad dressing with a dab of talcum powder or cornstarch – this will absorb the blot. The worst kind of stain, which usually comes from ink or makeup products, can be tackled by spraying a piece of cotton with hairspray and rubbing the stain lightly with it. For stains from cosmetics, press it with a little club soda and drizzle it with a pinch of salt before letting it dry. Don’t forget to cover it with chalk if there is any remaining stain.

Broken straps and torn fabric

Always have an emergency sewing kit on hand; bring thread colours that match your outfit, as well as those of your groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and relatives if possible. If you do not have much time to fix the disasters, use safety pins. If you have opted for a strapless dress, a double-sided tape will prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Tape it around the chest line of your wedding dress and get ready to enjoy your special day!

Zipper and button malfunctions

There are four things that can help you to fix this problem: a graphite pencil, a candle, bar soap, or lip balm. Rub the teeth of the zipper with one of these four choices and slowly slide it again. Do this a few times until it is perfectly fine. However, before you do this, make sure there is no thread stuck in the zipper.

For badly-behaving buttons, fix it with the help of safety or bobby pins, if you are unable to sew it up in time. 

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