3 Most Haunted Places in the North of Singapore

Live in the north?

Well, it seems like Yishun isn’t the only place that’s pretty similar to the Upside-down world in Stranger Things. While no one’s doing any experiments in the north of Singapore, there sure are a number of scary stories up north.

Here are three, and remember: don’t read this at home. We’re not responsible if you have nightmares after that.


Kampong Wak Hassan

Kamong Wak Hassan is located near Sembawang road and Inggu Drive. It uses to be the housing ground for Wak Hassan, one of Singapore’s most oldest and resilient Malay village only torn down in the late 1980s.

There is a small mosque towards the end of the road, and there have been countless reports of hearing children playing and laughing in this vicinity.

Many have also claimed that there is a ghost of an old pakcik (Malay man) who lingers around the entrance of the village. He will usually ask if you want to enter the village, and will ask you to hurry because it’s late.

He doesn’t follow you and disappears towards the other side of the road. Some have also said that while the walk in is only about 10 minutes, it feels like it takes forever to walk back out, even if you run.

Sembawang Park/Beach

Sembawang Park and the connected beach is a beautiful place in the day. It’s the ideal escape from the bustling city. However, as darkness falls, it is a sighting ground for the infamous Pontianak.

Many have reported seeing these female vampires within the park’s vicinity. The trees that have historical significance seem to be the perfect playground for these ghosts.

Singapore Paranormal Investigation did explore the place some years ago and have reported feeling a strong presence and a sudden drop in temperature.

One of their members even claimed that he felt someone poke him twice on the shoulder. The team also reported that their fully charged equipment went completely flat without explanation while looking around the place.

Many park users have also commented on the strong smell of rangipani flowers in certain areas of the park, a smell believed to be a strong indication that marks the presence of a Pontianak.

Yishun Dam

Yishun Dam is a great place to chill at night with friends. It’s open and there are usually people around with their cars and bikes, trying to race one another. But sooner or later, you are bound to see something, especially on quiet nights.

Because of its history of mass beheading during the Japanese Occupation, it is not uncommon for people to see headless ghosts around the area. Many have cries and screams as well.

A faceless lady with long hair is said to be spotted frequently there too. She usually appears behind unsuspecting Anglers when they are unhooking fishes, as though curious to see what they have caught.


Maybe she is hoping someone will fish out something that she has lost?