3 Most Haunted Places in the West of Singapore


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You’ve probably heard at least one of the many ghost stories of someone being haunted or spooked by supernatural occurrences. If you are a local guy, your entire NS life would have been one ghost story.

Singapore, despite all the bright lights and towering buildings, is an island with a dark history of Japanese Invasion and WWII. Here are 3 of the most haunted places in the West area.

Mysterious Jurong Well

There use to be a small village at the area between Jurong West Ave 2 and PIE. When it was torn down, a well was left behind due to some strange reasons. It is located deep within the forested area with strategically placed obstruction such as wired fences, a fallen lamp post and fallen trees to prevent curious individuals from going in.

Being abandoned for so long, these obstructions seem to be caused by non-humans, as they sometimes are arranged differently. Near the well, there are some concrete blocks scattered and one of them has the Chinese characters of “rape” written on it.

Apparently the well cannot be opened. There is a canvas netting placed over the opening and there are three huge concrete blocks placed over it. Is it to deter someone from going in or more mysteriously, “something” from coming out?


Jalan Bahar Heavy Vehicle Park /  Jurong West St 75

Many stories have been told of people, specifically, females being possessed by spirits. If you were to be walking very near that area or walking inside the place, there is a high chance that you will hear a familiar voice calling you from behind.

If you accidentally respond to this voice by looking back, some unknown evil spirit will possess you. In some cases, you will be slapped hard. According to the locals who had stayed there for long, a temple was built nearby to counter these scary and strange incidents.  

People have reportedly been attacked by crows and have frequently encountered Pontianak in the vicinity too. You might not believe in evil spirits, but it pays to be wary of your surroundings.


Basketball court near/opposite West Coast Park

Many bizarre happenings have occurred in West Coast Park area with some deaths reported. It is also believed that area was used to torture locals during the Japanese occupation.

Sometimes when it is late at night, you would see a basketball match being played. However, you will hear no sound and you cannot see the faces of the players clearly. If you have the guts to go nearer and have a look, you will discover that there is no one there.

But the basketball could be seen bouncing continuously on the basketball court. This strange incident has remained unexplainable for a long time.

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