3 reasons why students should go for an internship least once in his or her lifetime


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

Unlike popular opinion (or stereotypical jokes), being an intern is much more than making coffee. Shocker ain’t it? While this article serves as a small motivational listicle for those who are considering embarking on an internship, I understand that certain pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions made internship mandatory for the students and I hope that it will help you to feel better about your current internship situation.

1. You get to enjoy the after.
Unless your company is one that emphasis strongly on teamwork and all that New Age Business ideals, chances are that you are limited for growth during your internship. On days where you feel like your superiors aren’t valuing your work, you alternate between wanting to scream at your supervisor or to work harder. But there is indeed a light shining at the end of the tunnel – you gain a stronger appreciation of working as a full-time staff. When you transit into the ‘proper’ working force, you get to bask in the joy of not having to carry out menial tasks and being able to – gasp – contribute!

2. You get to learn non-job scope related skills
What they didn’t advertise in internship applications is the steep learning curve and the chance to learn intangible skills. Skills like being able to mentally scream at your supervisor while plastering a smile on your face, or being able to master mental calculation of being able to count down to 6pm would be learnt. At any time of the day, you are able to tell others the number of seconds, minutes and hours to 6pm. I exaggerate of course, but there is a definite grain of truth in there. But most importantly, you learn the art of office politics, which should definitely be taught as a module in university. You navigate treacherous waters each working day, but you will survive. (Collateral damage not included)

3. You learn more about yourself. (It’s a cliche, but it’s true.)
Speaking from experience, going through an internship is the best way to walk outside your comfort zone. You get thrown assignments that you will have absolutely no clue about, but you stick to your guns and deliver it. Whether good or bad, your character gets moulded to be resilient and this develops your life skills. You learn whether you suit the working environment, what kind of “working person” you are, and more importantly you survived being in an environment that is unlike anything you have experienced in the past [insert your number of educational years] of education and you made it!

Although you really shouldn’t take my word for it, (well should anyone really take advice on the Internet? Unless it’s from WebMD.) You should try an internship that suits your preferences and you will emerge from the internship a changed person. Or at the very least, a CBD-hating person who is determined not to be another statistic of the Singapore’s rat race. (Holla to myself!)

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