These 3-Room HDBs Have Such Ingeniously Large Layouts, You’ll Wouldn’t Mind Downgrading Your House Too

While many of us dream of a house with a spacious feel and large windows, these homeowners were attracted to the charm of old-style three-room HDB flats. No wonder. In spite of their petite 60 sqm floor size, they offer a large open-plan living — an expansive kitchen and living zone.

Now it’s all down to clever design tricks that’ll turn them into home, sweet tiny home.

1. Window Situation

The designers got creative when dealing with very limited space in this flat, and installed windows in the wall separating the living room and bedroom to make it seem bigger and brighter. Large mirrors are smart additions to an even larger space.

Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax Interior Design
Location: Kim Keat Road
Cost of renovation: $60,000

2. Make It Pop

The ID was able to give the modest living room a chic, Scandinavian look by sticking to light colours and then updating it with colour. The country blue cabinets really pop against the grey homogenous tiles and make the spacious kitchen even better.

Interior Designer: Quirky Idees
Location: Ang Mo Kio
Cost of renovation: $55,000

3. Wood Be Elegant

The warm-hearted, open-plan design of the living area and kitchen has added a whole new lifestyle to this three-room HDB flat. A muted colour scheme and light wooden finishes amps up the sophisticated feel.

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio
Location: Toa Payoh North
Cost of renovation: $50,000

4. Hide And Seek

Soft pastel hues and just a hint of wood finishes makes this living room ultra cosy. This three-room flat offers a beautiful example of using an extendable table well, and keep away things that so often clutter our dining tables.

Interior Designer: MET Interior
Location: Tampines
Cost of renovation: $40,000

5. Modern Beat

The living room offers an understated take on the contemporary feel with cement walls and wooden floors. But what caught our eye is its well-polished open kitchen with its glossy white cabinets and sleek, shiny silver backsplash that makes cleaning oil and food grease really easy.

Interior Designer: Icon Interior
Location: Upper Cross Street
Cost of renovation: $38,000

6. Taking A Turn

This designer squeezed more function out of the wall separating the living room and bedroom by creating a revolving media board. When rotated 180-degrees, the TV faces the bedroom, thus removing the need for another media console, freeing up floor space.

Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY
Location: Toa Payoh

7. White Here Right Now

White may be associated with feeling cold and boring, but the colour can be used to brighten up a dark, “corridor unit”. Pair white against white to keep the space looking streamlined and inviting, with a bit of glamour and lots of comfort.

Interior Designer: D’Home
Location: Empress Road
Cost of renovation: $40,000

8. Dark Knight

Elegant, dark wooden cabinets add depth and sophistication to a multi-layered space. Balance the heavy wood accents with an open layout and you get a relaxed ambience at home.

Interior Designer: D5 Studio Image
Location: Bukit Purmei Road
Cost of renovation: $29,000

9. Practical Makes Perfect

This home screams industrial-chic. Vintage furniture, and wires, pipes and bulbs proudly display their bare-nakedness. Full-length sliding doors separate the open kitchen, making it more practical for stir-fries.

Interior Designer: Corazon Interior
Location: Ang Mo Kio
Cost of renovation: $43,000

10. Black Jack

Monochrome decorating is having a major moment now. And this flat shows how appealing that strikingly simplistic approach to colour can be. The black and white scheme also gives considerable free to mix pieces from different decades, patterns and texture.

Interior Designer: Chapter B
Location: Mei Ling Street
Cost of renovation: $48,000


11. Knock, Knock

One of the two bedrooms was removed to create a study area in the living room. The use of starch white helps to enlarge the space and length of this home, making it appear bigger.

Interior Designer: Box ID
Location: Shunfu Road
Cost of renovation: $40,000

12. Make Space

It’s easy to assume that a small apartment should have small furniture. But this family home’s statement dining table and island keeps the space feeling uncluttered and open. Having breathing space around the furniture also lends the appearance of more space.

Interior Designer: Ace Space Design
Location: Clementi Avenue 3
Cost of renovation: $45,000

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