Waking Up at 3:33am: 333 Meaning & a Tale of Waking up This Devil’s Hour

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Have you heard the tale about 3:33 am? What is the so-called “333 meaning”? Why is
waking up at 3:33 also called the devil’s hour?

Well, there are a lot of myths going on out there about 3:33 am and here some of the sayings…

(If you’re reading this at 333, then please either go back to sleep or simply download our app to read some happy articles instead)

The Witching or Devil’s Hour 3:33

The reason why some people call 3:33 am the ‘witching hour’ is because most people wake up at that time if something disturbs you from the deep sleep stage. It may not be surprising to find the TV turned on, or hear footsteps next door when you wake up at the timing.

In fact, this is the timing when many people experience what doctors like to refer to as “sleep paralysis”, which is nothing but plain and simple demonic attacks in your subconscious sleep state. It is also said that from 2am – 3am is the hour when the veil diving this dimension to the next is the thinnest, hence black masses and rituals are said to be performed during these hours because of this.

Some people have also reported to have checked the clock and spotted 3:33 a.m. when they felt that something is creeping them out. It is just something not out of coincidence that you feel a tinge of creepiness and spot the timing at the same time. When at times like this, just follow your instinctgo to bed or whatever.

333 Meaning (Spiritual Traffic )

There has also been myth going around saying that spirits are free to roam around and do as they please from 2am to 4am every night. With a spiritual quest held in everyone’s spiritual self, which might be a carry forward from your previous lifetimes, we are prone to sighting of spirits, which have the power of awakening us.

Also, if you are sleeping in between doors, you might be coming in the way of the souls who treat them as their doorway. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to feel a presence in your bedroom and see doors bang right before your eyes.

Next time when you get up at 3:33am, please make it a point to say a prayer and ask for forgiveness and guidance as well.

Waking up at 3:33 am

Another saying is that if you wake up at exactly 3:33 a.m., the devil would be right in your face and if you scream or gasp, he will get into your body. The story goes like this: If you wake up at 3:33 a.m. do not get out of the bed or do any huge fidgeting movement, because it may attract the attention of the lingering spirits and demons due to the Witching Hour, where chances of you getting possessed is the highest.

It happened to one of the little girl, where she woke up screaming because of a nightmare and it was 3:33am. After which, every night after, she would wake up at the same timing screaming and crying until it attracted the attention of her parents.

Worried, they tried to pacify her but had found her eyes have turned red, with a tinge of evilness in them. The girl acted weirdly and has turned especially menacing after that night, putting her friends in danger and even attempted to strangle the little brother while he was on a crying streak.

It was later told by the priest who held a ritual to help cleanse the spirit that the little girl has been possessed by something evil, really evil and might even harm her further if it continues staying inside her body.

So creepy isn’t it? So the next time you wake up at 3:33 a.m. or spot a 3:33 a.m., it is best for you to stop whatever you are doing and go to sleep. The best thing is when you are asleep, you are more likely to be safe than when you are not.

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