3 simple reasons why you should respect Singaporeans in uniform


Last Updated on 2016-11-11 , 10:38 am

Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Singapore is definitely a top-choice for tourists and investors. This safe country is not by chance. This is not possible without the contributions of noble man and woman. These groups of individuals provide both internal and external security to Singapore 24/7.

The 3 main groups comprise the following.

Singapore Police Force
Singapore Civil Defence Force
Singapore Armed Force (Army, Navy and Air force)

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD respect them.

1. They’ve spent countless hours on training
As the saying goes, ‘More sweat today, less blood tomorrow.
We spend hours on training so that we are well-versed with our skills. Through night and day as well as coping with harsh weather and surrounding conditions, we will give in our best at each training opportunity.
We are tired but we will NEVER give up.

2. They’re always ready to be activated
The frustration of being activated may spoil the day’s mood. We do know that it leads to fruitful and productive purposes for the defence of Singapore. Upon activation, we will stop doing anything and report straight to our reporting location. Our men are ready at any given time
The smooth flow of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wake was partly due to the selfless uniformed personnel. They braved the rain and sun to ensure law and order within the queue. Different uniformed personnel worked together with seamless coordination. At the end of the day, all these dedications came from the heart of the devoted men and women.


3. They render help and support to neighbouring countries
Our forces are always ready to render our service to neighboring countries.
As of 20 March 2015, 50 personnel from the Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore Civil Defence Force were activated. They were involved in the fire-fighting efforts in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After almost two weeks, men from the Singapore Armed Forces and Singapore Civil Defence Force had concluded the firefighting operations.
Our navy provided support for flight crash QZ8501. It had proved to be a huge contribution. These men spent weeks in the sea to look for the missing plane. They did not give up because they did not want to give up hope for the loved ones of the passengers. In the end, our navy found the main portion of the stricken plane.


Next time when you see any of such uniformed personnel, do thank him/her for their contribution to the nation. Do not judge him/her but show gratitude instead. It will definitely make his/her day a better one!

Thank you (SPF, SCDF and SAF) for all your selfless dedication and devotion! *saluting to you*

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