3 things you probably didn’t know about having Yin Yang Eyes (Third Eye)

Yin Yang Eyes or the “Third Eye” that some might called it, are people who have the ability to see ghost with their additional spiritual eye that can’t be seen.

It’s actually quite obvious that we are not alone in this universe. The reason why we don’t see the ghosts, spirits or other entities that exist is because they are not within our visual spectrum. Likewise, people with an additional Third Eye can actually be transposed to another spectrum using spiritual methods like meditation, which allows them to experience the beings and energies that normal people would not be able to.

There are different ways to use a Third Eye: some are visual, some are tactile, and some are auditory and even olfactory. However, they are all considered under the Third Eye sense because they are connected.

Although most of the time, people encounter scary incidents with supernatural sightings of all forms that they might not be able to take it, there are also benefits of keeping the Third Eye open and contacting the spirits – it can be fun too!

1. Get insightful advice
There are too many unknowns in this world that make your journey a challenging one. At times like this, spirit guides can actually help to assist you whenever you get stuck, when you want extra clarity or when you just need some friendly encouragement to keep you going. Sometimes, they can literally act as your soul mate to hear you out and give you a few piece of advice. Who knows, it might even give you the next 4D winning number!!?

2. Grow and heal spiritually
Spirits would actually help in the growing and healing of your own soul. Whether you believe it or not, spirit guides do come up with all sorts of weird and interesting ways to help you heal your soul and enlighten you further. They can empower you to live to your highest and fullest potential such that you become a better and more successful person.

3. Increase self-acceptance
Spirit guides being your soul mate would give you unconditional love and will always be there for you in times of need. They don’t betray you like how your best friend would at some point of time. In times of failure, they help you to learn from mistakes and increase your self-confidence to accept yourself for who you are.

Consider yourself lucky if you are born with a Third Eye, because not most of us do. Normally, anybody who are not born with the Third Eye would need to activate theirs by using the “Yin Yang Eyes Opening” Talisman for Taoist. However, many would actually wished that their Third Eyes was closed, because it is could turn out to be a nightmare instead.

Are you interested on how to activate your Third Eye then? Head down to your nearest Taoist temple and request for it. Rumours being that they will actually burn the talisman and mix the ash into a bowl of water, while chanting the Yin Yang Eyes Mantra. You would then need to drink the water and rub a small amount of those onto your eyes. After the ritual is completed, your vision of the spiritual realm would be clear and you would then be able to see all kinds of spirits right in front of you. Well… are you still interested then?

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