30 things all 90s primary school kids will never forget about their primary school days

Remember the young innocent times when you were just 7? While you didn’t expect to grow so much in 6 years, the longest time you’ve spent in a school will definitely bring back a lot of memories. And here are 30 things that we bet you didn’t forget!

1. SARS Outbreak


Remember how “Sixteen April Reopen School” abbreviates SARS? And how our dearest Gurmit Singh came out as Phua Chu Kang to rap for the masses? Embarassing but well, effective (I think).

sars raphttp://www.zhuatieba.com

2. Flag Lowering

flag loweringhttp://www.straitstimes.com

I believe secondary school had no flag lowering ceremonies like primary school did! This is probably the only ceremony where you’d be looking forward to every single day!

3. Silent reading

silent readinghttp://mrchengclass.blogspot.sg

Whether in the parade square or the classroom, silent reading means peace for the teachers. Because silence is golden.

true singapore ghost storieshttp://remembersingapore.org

There was always somebody reading the True Singapore Ghost Stories series and you loathed him. Because you wanted to read it too!

4. Your first crush


Ah, that young innocent love! And you thought the two of you will grow up to be friends forever and eventually get together.

5. That old grumpy teacher


We all had that one old and grumpy teacher who had lost his/her passion for teaching and was being grouchy all day long.

6. Health screening


Yup, we’ve all gone through year after year of checkups, all recorded in the health booklet. And don’t forget the terribly awkward moment of having a nurse check on your private part. (cringe)

7. Teeth brushing session

brushing teethhttp://www.xingnanpri.moe.edu.sg

This used to be a weekly activity, remember? At the end of our precious recess time, we had to line up along the sink and do some dental care.

8. Two by two, finger on your lips

A primary school teacher in Singapore gets her pupils to line up on the first day of the school termhttps://blog.propertyguru.com.sg

And this is how moved, as a class, from place to place.

9. Holding hands

holding handshttp://www.livescience.com

How did the teachers ensure that we were stuck together? We had to hold hands with our partner, of course! And the guys will be like “eeeeeeee” and the girls would just grab the guys’ hands because they were being more mature about it.


10. Toilet pass

bathroom passhttp://mrsfullmerskinders.blogspot.sg/

 What you get after blabbering, “Teacher Teacher, can I go toilet???”

11. Unfriending someone

Asian Girlhttp://dangerouslee.biz

You throw that ultimatum – “Don’t friend you!”

12. Encouragement stickers



Revealing your competitive spirit and comparing the stickers with your friends. “I got sticker, you don’t have!”

13. Music lessons


That one instrument we played as a class. Also that one instrument that we refused to play as a class. (Continues playing random notes loudly)

14. OHP


The overhead projector that uses transparencies always came on a black trolley.


15. Dictation


Aced your spelling tests? And there came the ‘leveled up’ dictation where you had to memorize an entire paragraph of difficult words.

16. Student’s handbook


That was how your parents knew if you had homework to complete before allowing you to go for ‘TV time’.

17. Report book

report book2http://irlen.com.sg/

It’s time to get your parent’s signature again. Oh, the dread.

18. Payphone


When you had no handphone and needed to contact your parents, 10 cents in the payphone will do the trick.


19. Milo truck

milo truckhttps://whywerunn.wordpress.com

The best reward after a fun yet tiring day, giving it your all during the mini Sports Day.

20. Computer lab

computer labhttp://www.singaporepiagetacademy-medan.com

Anywhere is good when you’re out of the classroom. Even better if you had access to Miniclip games and Neopets.

21. Children’s day

children's dayhttp://www.straitstimes.com

The only time in the year that you get celebrated for being a kid, complete with a whole day of fun and presents in school.

22. Dental appointments


You never really know (or remember) when they come but when you do, the dread to go up that dental bus is real.

23. Country erasers

eraser flagshttp://hedgehogcomms.blogspot.sg

Apart from flipping erasers on top of another as a game, we also stapled their bottoms to turn them into spinning erasers for spinning competitions. Pre-Beyblade era!

24. PETS series


English lessons were spent looking for the adorable PETS characters that were hidden all over the textbooks.

25. Filing time

Susan Mango's Officehttp://news.harvard.edu


Filing was always a nightmare! Crowded desks, missing worksheets, borrowing staplers and holepunchers, and that kid who can’t stop asking “Under where?”… Oh god, I’m having a headache already.

26. That metal cupboard


We all had that metal cupboard in our classrooms. Almost like a class storeroom, this is the place to keep all the junk.

27. Library books

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.49.30 amhttps://www.pinterest.com

Other than shushing you when you’re talking too loudly in the library, the library’s job scope includes stamping these due dates on your library books.

28. ACES Day

school kidshttp://www.straitstimes.com

Doing ridiculous exercises on All Children Exercise Simultaneously Day is almost like a ritual where we have to follow that over-enthusiastic instructor’s movements. “I like that smile!”

29. All that swag in P6


When you were the oldest kids in the school and thought that you were too cool for primary school, I know how that feels. (fist bump)

30. Autograph book


And before leaving your school for good, don’t forgot to write corny friendship poems in your friend’s autograph books. *BONUS*

31. The ghost of your past Chinese compositions haunting you through this shirt


Remember those days of writing 作文 (Chinese composition)? Those typical phrases and even characters like Xiao Ming that we were warned to avoid? Wear it proud if you were a rebel and stuck to the good ol’ ways. Get your old school Xiao Ming Shirt for just S$29.90 at HipVan! Definitely the most apt tee for a windy and sunny beautiful morning.

32. Shoe white: The glitter of our generation


Yes, we do have glitter, but shoe white was also the bane of our existence when it comes to ‘washing’ our white school shoes. Sometimes, when we get lazy over the weekends, we won’t even bother washing it. Shoe white is all it takes for a fresh looking white shoe! We’d all be wearing this awesome shoe from Converse:


Relive your childhood shoes with Zalora! White sneakers are actually resurfacing themselves as  being trendy so be sure hop in early!

33. Fingerboards


Fingerboards are tiny skateboards that we play, substituting legs with the index and middle fingers. Have you ever built your own obstacle course on your desk in class for your fingerboard to grab some air time? Or perhaps you remembered something you did that was much more primitive:

metal rulerhttp://www.shopmedvet.com

Metal ruler (or any ruler for that matter) + your fingers + edge of your desk = Fingerboard Raise your hands if you understand the equation above!

34. Pokemon Figurines

pokemon figurineshttp://www.ebay.com

If you’re a 90s kid, one cartoon series that you’d probably grew up with was Pokemon (hell, I watched it debut in Singapore on a Saturday morning!).  Watching the series probably spurred you on to collect the figurines like I did. I still believe in the first 151/150 Pokemon, but there’s about 649 in total, currently.


Time to catch ’em all at Rakuten! Yes, Rakuten has the new Pokemon too. Complete your figurines! And that’s all that we’ve got! If we’ve missed out on any nostalgic moments or items, comment on our Facebook page to let us know. We’d love to know how your primary school life was like too!

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