4 creative dating ideas that cost less than $10 and can last for a whole day


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

Shopping dates are repetitive AND boring. Besides, it isn’t exactly the best way to get to know your partner…except knowing what dress size she wears, that is. Here are four creative date ideas that your partner will appreciate AND won’t break your bank:

1. Have a cooking date
Before you throw your hands up and scream about how mafan it is and how much you guys would rather just eat mamak, think about what YOU can do with a cooking date…you can interact with your partner and cooperate together to actually produce a dish you two would love, not to mention you can set the table up to make it look really romantic – I’m talking candles, roses, and a bottle of wine by the side. If your girlfriend has been annoying you about wanting a romantic candlelit dinner, here’s how you can do it while having some fun at the same time. If you want something sexy for dessert, you guys can even try making your very own homemade chocolate fondue (melting chocolate and then dipping fruits into it).

2. Learn a sport together
It’s pretty cool to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Learning a sport together might seem tiring and unappealing to you, but think about how much fun and excitement there’ll be. Not only can you brag to your friends about learning a new sport, you also get to see your partner all giddily happy, sweaty…in their natural look, no less. Exercising also has its health benefits, so why not? I mean, imagine jogging with your girlfriend or teaching her how to play badminton properly – if that’s not the hottest thing ever, then what is?

3. Internet night
Instead of only YOU using the Internet, why not get your partner into the fun too? Look up the most ridiculous Internet memes you know, watch the weirdest stuff on Youtube, read hilariously badly-written Fanfiction, check out cool quotes and cringe-worthy Tumblr posts…there’s an infinite source of funnies on the Internet which you two can enjoy and laugh about, plus it doesn’t cost a penny! You two can just snuggle up in your home/habitat in the most casual of clothings and not tire yourselves by having to dress up. Throw in some good snack food, and you’re set for the night.

4. Parks, swing sets, anything that brings up the kid in you.
Because we never really grow up, do we? Have some fun at the park near you guys – see who can swing the highest, and squeeze into an old slide because why not. Try a hand at those handle-bar thingies where you swing your way across like an ape. Visit the zoo. Go to the beach. Do some bad (hilarious) art together. Take lots of photos. Share some memories you guys had when you were kids. This is a really fun date that allows you to get to know your partner better – in fact, you’ll get to talk to your partner more on a date like this than on a movie date (where you pretty much sit and don’t talk to each other at all). Be a little silly around each other, and most importantly…communicate. With each other. Because that’s what dates are about!

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