4 Major Things To Note Before You Go Bridal Boutique Shopping

More often than not, it’s not uncommon that many brides-to-be, in their enthusiasm to hire ‘The Perfect Bridal Boutique’ fuelled by good sales talk and presentation, then develop post-purchase consumer regret symptoms. 

For the benefit of all you ladies, we will share and highlight a few useful pointers so you could avoid these mistakes:

1. Don’t Shop Too Early

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These days, engagements are getting longer. Enthusiastic brides-to-be often shop at their chosen boutique as soon as the engagement ring settles on their finger. However; it is not sensible to start shopping a year in advance. 

It is, first and foremost, very important that you get all other wedding details in place. Finalise your date, and book your wedding venue first so that you can take the ‘season popularity’ into account before shopping for the dress. 

Naturally, you should not procrastinate with the wedding shopping either: start the process at least 5-8 months in advance.

2. Don’t Bring The Crowd With You

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Many brides-to-be shop for their dress by bringing an entourage along. This is a strict no-no as you will get as many opinions as the number of people you bring into the store with you. 

At the most, take 3-4 of your friends/siblings and these should be the people you trust. This is an important point to consider for enhancing your bridal shopping experience.

3. Too Many Styles May Not Be Good

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Bridal magazines and blogs can inspire but they can also confuse. Today, thanks to information technology, there is no dearth of inspiration when it comes to bridal dress shopping. 

This, however, makes many brides-to-be try on hundreds of different styles, some of which might even be out of one’s budget range. The end result is that many brides get confused, even overwhelmed. 

Most forget what they set out to find in the first place. It is no wonder that many a girl’s wedding shopping expeditions end up in tears. 

The bottom line here: be firm, shortlist a few styles, try them on, get some expert opinions and then zero in on the perfect wedding dress.

4. Wrong Size 

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When it comes to wedding gown sizes, the same measurements as regular clothes aren’t applicable. So, even if you know your exact measurements, it is wise to have yourself measured again at the bridal boutique.
Depending on the gown’s fabric, you will need to readjust the sizes you normally choose. It is also important to wear the right underwear when trying on different dresses. 

Additionally, one must take into account the fact that they would probably try to lose weight before the big day and order accordingly. 

Armed with this knowledge about common bridal shopping mistakes, we hope our readers will avoid them to select the right dress and walk down the aisle in confidence!

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