4 most common ghosts that are encountered in Singapore

While most readers may know of the western versions of ghosts as translucent floating entities, did you know that here in Singapore we have our own versions of ghosts too. Here are some common ghosts that are rumoured to be haunting our little red dot.

The pontianak is a common apparition that is no stranger to the malay community here in Singapore. The pontianak is believed to be the ghost of a woman who died during childbirth and she is said to be living in banana trees and when she is around, witnesses recall the strong scent of frangipani flowers in their surroundings. She most commonly appears to pregnant women as she seeks the child that is inside those women who are expecting a baby.

Pochongs are the souls of dead muslims who are said to be trapped in their burial shrouds. Due to it being wrapped in the shroud, they are unable to walk and instead they hop around, terrifying anyone that encounters it. The way to drive away the pochong, according to popular belief is to untie the knot of the burial shroud wrapping the body of the pochong

The Mysterious Soldier
A tale that is often shared among those serving NS would definitely be the story of the mysterious soldier. Tales about this ghost often revolve around a soldier who during training in the jungles, got seperated from his companions and is lost. The soldier in the story is often despondent after being lost and when all hope seems lost he is lead out of the jungle by a fellow soldier that he always strangely, is unable to catch up to. When he gets reunited with his companions, he would always question about the soldier that guided him to safety. He will most certainly be replied with puzzled faces who mentioned that there was no one in front of him and his superiors will always tell him that he was in fact saved by the ghost of an unfortunate soldier who died after getting lost in the jungle.

The Phantom Passenger
The story of taxi drivers who work the midnight shift bumping into ghost is often a tale told by many. These stories always involve a young lady, sometimes carrying a baby, whom requests the driver to ferry them to a location that is very remote. When reaching the destination the taxi driver will realise that it is near a cemetery and the fare received is often hell notes.

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