4 Most Haunted Army Camps In Singapore & Their Spooky History

One unavoidable topic that many NSFs have discussed during their time in NS would definitely be about tales of the supernatural and of how someone they know of or themselves who have encountered ghost or spirits while serving NS.

Here is a countdown of some of the most notorious haunted camps in Singapore where many have had experiences with the supernatural.

Pulau Tekong
Singapore’s most famous army camp and the first place almost all Singaporean sons will enter for the first time as part of their NS journey.

Pulau Tekong has its fair share of supernatural tales ranging from the haunted 3-door bunk located in the older part of the island and also of entities who linger around the bunks where soldiers rest at night.

There is an unspoken rule that no night training are to be carried out on Thursdays due to a high number of unexplained incidents in the past. Many movies delving into the topic of Pulau Tekong being a haunted island have also been made to spook everyone who dares to find out more on this island.

Nee Soon Camp
For those who have served their NS in Nee Soon Camp, the infamous White House is surely one of the most talked about when it comes to sharing about their encounters with the supernatural.

The White House is rumoured to house the restless spirits of those from the colonial era and many who NSFs visited the building have been reported to suffer from unexplained fevers or have spirits following them around. The White House at Nee Soon Camp is definitely one place that only those who are brave or foolish enough would venture into.

Lim Chu Kang Camp
Lim Chu Kang Camp is located on the long stretch of road that makes up Lim Chu Kang  Cemetery and many of those serving their NS in Lim Chu Kang Camp tell of stories where they bump into entities not from these world during guard duties and route marches.

A definite phase of their NS journey for all who are from Lim Chu Kang Camp would definitely be the route marches behind and around the infamous Lim Chu Kang Cemetery where the bodies of generations past are laid to rest.

Selarang Camp
Selarang Camp in Changi is one of the locations where British POWs were housed at during World War 2. Many of the POWs suffered at the hands of the Japanese during the Japanese Occupation and tales of restless spirits who roam around the camp at night are common and the hauntings are said to be the fiercest around the old parade square where many POWs were crapped together under inhumane conditions.

It is believed that these spirits are unable to move on to the afterlife due to their violent deaths and as a result the linger around the camps grounds as a reminder of the horrors of the Japanese Occupation.

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