4 Most ‘Haunted’ MRT Stations In Singapore

With the frequent breakdowns, constant renovations, and of course the ever crowded trains, it is easy to forget that the train stations that we visit in the day time to hurry to work and school, can be a completely different place at night.

Here are 4 haunted MRT stations that we might be going into every day…

Tampines MRT Station
Before the MRT station was constructed there, Tampines was a graveyard. The remains within the graveyard were removed to make way for the MRT station that was built atop. Many have said to have seen figures when taking the late night trains and some have even seen the spirit of a man who committed suicide by jumping into the train tracks, towards the back of the platform.

Woodleigh MRT Station
Woodleigh MRT station currently sits on a plot of land where the Bidadari Cemetery, one of the oldest and biggest cemetery previously was. It is rumoured to be haunted by a white figure sitting or standing in the station facing the northeast bound platform. The station was also completed in the year 2003 but only started service in 2011, a strangely long time for our fast paced country. Many who took the trains before the station was opened reported seeing Pocongs when their trains zoomed past the then closed station.

Novena MRT Station
Novena MRT station is said to be haunted, being that the station used to be a Jewish cemetery. Many SMRT staff have seen sightings of blurry figures carrying coffins along the tracks. The night duty maintenance staff in the tunnels have also had many experiences of ghostly figures standing next to them or observing them from afar.

Bishan MRT Station
Despite the human traffic, Bishan MRT is well known for being haunted at night by headless figures, phantom passengers and even some cheeky ghosts with a taste for disturbing young women. Some have even heard footsteps walking atop the train. Many older SMRT staff have also experienced unusual technical difficulties upon reaching the station.


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