4 must-download apps to earn money or get free entries!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Tired of being scammed of your money at expensive buffets or entrance fees or when doing your Christmas shopping?

Here are some apps you can check out that gives you rewards in the form of cashback, discounts, or free entries!


I’m sure we all remember how frustrating it can be getting 5-8 friends together for a casual outing. Sending back and forth chats about when we are free and where to go can quickly spiral into a never-ending slice of chaos. And the endless waste of data and phone bills!

Well, not until you meet Leggo.

Leggo is a social planning app to know where and when to go out with friends. Leggo aggregates meeting places and activities from various sources into one place.

Plus, every week Leggo offers up top 50% group deals where you and your friends will get amazing perks from top bars and cafes just by planning to visit them with Leggo. The best part is once you found your favourite “Leggo”, you can quickly poll your outing group to easily know when is everybody free. Say good bye to scheduling nightmare! Leggo also calls itself the check-in for the near future.


Unlike Instagram or Foursquare that shows what already happened, Leggo is a platform to share and discover the next great hang-out before it happens so users will never have to worry of FOMO (fear of missing out).

As a recap, here is why you should download Leggo:
– Get up to 50% deals from top bars and cafes
– Discover a rich list of events, eateries and concerts to go to
– Easily schedule a date and time to hang out with friends
– Know where people in your social circle are going out


Do you find yourself continually interrupted by irrelevant advertising? Think back to the last time you were playing a game on your phone or trying to watch a video.

What if rather than interrupting us and forcing us to see their messages, advertisers rewarded us for our interest, and we could choose when we viewed engaging content?

Introducing Hikemeup, the mobile app that rewards you for interacting with content you actually care about.

Hikemeup is a mobile app that rewards users for interacting with ad content they actually care about.

Soon to be launching in Singapore, users will be able to download Hikemeup on their mobile device and choose up to 5 categories of interest, ranging from Food & Drink to Beauty & Fashion. Users will then receive ad content based on their interests and have the opportunity to hike through bite-sized chunks of information.

Users will be able to interact with beautiful visuals, to videos, links and even an opinion poll! When a user likes the content they are perusing, and would like to engage with the campaign, they can tap the “Hike” button and receive points that can be converted to cash, via PayPal!

Watch the video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2dBIKG3fM8


Advertisements are annoying? Choose what promotions you want to view and get cash for it, how annoying is that??:)

Sqkii (pronounced ‘Squeak-ki’) is a web-based mobile application that rewards users with cold hard cash for viewing promotions that they like. A user would typically log into the web application to look at the latest discounts or giveaways from food or fashion retailers.

How to use?? Just look at a squib for 10 seconds or more, and you might be awarded a random amount ranging from $0.0001 to $10 worth of credit points. These credit points can be cashed out via Bank Transfer or Paypal once you accumulate $10 worth of points.

Understand more from the video here: https://vimeo.com/77236602#at=0


Unable to decide which item to get because both are equally expensive? Use shopback to save on those spending!


Shopback.com is a fast-growing coupon and cashback site in Singapore. Get up to 50% Cashback when you shop online for Fashion, Holidays, Electronics and more! Cashback gets transferred into your preferred bank account or paypal account.

Shopback allows you to:
– Gain extra savings
– Cash out easily
– Have unlimited cashbacks

Steps to use it:
-Click on any store
-Get redirected
-Pay on merchant’s site
– Get cashback automatically

Cool right??

Download these amazing apps and share them with your friends right now!!

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