4 reasons why you should spend more time with…YOURSELF ALONE

Have you ever experienced the moment when you are alone and you start pondering about your life? The moment before you hit the sack after a long day. The moment when you take a long shower. The moment when you sit in the café, enjoying a cuppa coffee or tea while indulging your eyes in the pages of a good book. The moment when you are waiting for the bus or train at the bus stop or subway station to arrive. Those are often the times when you tend to make life decisions or run playbacks of your life like a roll of film. Fret not, hindsight can do wonders at times.

You learn to enjoy your own company
Now, who says a loner is always lonely? When we see someone dining alone in a restaurant, a movie goer who watches the movie alone in the cinema or practically anyone who just engages in any social activities on his own, most of us can’t help but to feel sorry for these lone rangers and their “forever alone” lifestyle. But have it ever crossed your mind that the loners actually prefer to be solo because then, they are actually providing undivided attention to whatever they are doing and there is literally nothing or nobody to restrict them from anything? They are comfortable in their own skins only because there is no need to impress anybody. After all, one can be alone but doesn’t feel lonely. It’s time for us to get past the assumption of “alone= no life”.

Disconnect to connect
Let’s face the cold reality that nowadays, technology has played a role in deteriorating interpersonal relationships. People tend to drift apart even when they are physically together. For instance, when we are attending a social gathering, how many of us are actually guilty of having face-to-face communication with the occasional interference of our electronic gadgets? Instead of being fully present in the company of others, some of you just can’t refrain from taking a glance at your phone screen once in a while just to check if there’s a new ‘Like’ or comment on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. See how disrespectful that can be when active conversations are substituted by the endless tapping of your phone screen? Try putting yourself in a position where your partner is more interested in his object (phone) rather than subject (you). Oh well, if you are entirely inseparable from your gadgets even for just an hour, my advice is to go solo. That way, you are disconnecting yourself from others, but you are definitely connecting with the being within yourself. Win-win solution, aye?

Basically, you will have more freedom in life and there is less need to rely on anyone else. It’ll give you a sense of liberation and satisfaction to be capable of standing on your own feet. Besides, by investing time in yourself, you are actually creating a room for yourself to grow wiser at your own pace through the life experiences which you’ll gain along the journey. Hence, this will nurture not only your being but also your soul. Period.


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