4 super-useful camera tricks to take beautiful photos on your trip like a pro

So, it’s the end of the year, and some of us have already went for our vacation while others might be waiting impatiently for that date of departure to arrive. For those who haven’t went, we have some great tricks for taking vacation photos overseas that’ll make your colleagues and friends wish they were there.

Still interested? Read on to find out about the 4 tips to take great photos on any vacation in any place.

Work with the light
It’s said that the best time to take photos outside is from late afternoon to dusk, while the hardest light to work with is high noon because everything’s so bright and your subjects are likely to be covered in weird shadows, if not squinting like mad.

Look at the background
If the background is dull (i.e. nothing special), use people to fill up the photo by spreading them across the photo. But if the background is why you want to take the picture (I mean, if not the background, why would you want to take pictures overseas?), make sure your subjects are on the side while the background is the centerpiece. It’ll look amazing, trust us.

Making a well-balanced photo
Relating to the point above, spread the subjects of the photo across the photo. Use people to cover up any areas that’s ‘empty’, and if people are the main subject of your photo, put the tallest in the middle before progressing down the row on either sides.

Be aware of where and when to chop people into half
If you’re going to crop the photo, make sure the level you’re cropping at is between your subject’s joint areas, for example between hips and knees or wrists and elbows. For goodness sake, please don’t crop them at the knees, you’ll have to delete the photo when you’re deciding on which one to upload to your Instagram.

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