4 things successful people do during their free time


Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 12:17 pm

Ever wondered how the rich and famous spend their day? Well, they’re certainly not like average people. Successful people are big dreamers and they are always constantly striving to learn.

Want to be as successful as them? Find out what most successful people do during their free time.

1. They read…. A LOT

Successful people tend to have a thirst for knowledge. Reading quenches that thirst as books are always the best way to gain information. Successful people know how beneficial reading is. Not only does it improve your vocabulary skills, it can also spark up your creative mind and also reduce stress at the same time. They are constantly striving to learn. They understand that education does not stop after school. In fact, Einstein once said that “education only truly starts after you have forgotten everything learned in school”.

Average people do not put in the time to attain more knowledge. They would rather choose to entertain themselves with television shows, Facebook or Instagram. They are unable to resist the temptation. Successful people knows that knowledge is built up, like compound interest. The more you read, the more knowledge you gain.

2. They write

Almost all of successful people own a journal. Average people write diaries. Not saying diaries are not good; however, successful people avoid writing diaries as they understand the difference between diaries and a journal. What is a diary? It is more of a report of what happened to you during the day, like what you ate, who you met and all the gossips you heard in a day. It is more like a personal newspaper for you.

What is a journal? A journal is completely different from a diary. A journal is about examining your life. Successful people would write down whatever that comes to their head, like what they did at work today, why did they do that or whether they have made a mistake. A journal leads to personal growth as it reflects their life. They write so that they are able to trace back where their mistakes are, or how to improve themselves further.


3. They rest and recharge themselves

Successful people are just as human as we are. They need to eat, sleep and do everything a human does. The only difference is they know when is the time to rest. Successful people understand that hard work is a requirement for success, but they also know that a tired mind will not be productive as well. They know when is the time to stop pushing their limits. When the time comes to stop doing work, they will put down everything and rest their minds.

How do most successful people rest? They take naps, go for their favourite sports, spend time with their family or go for a stroll. Bet you wouldn’t know this but most successful people are actually hardcore gamers as well! In fact, they do almost everything an average people do. The only difference is that they are very disciplined and know when to stop. Once they feel that they are fully recharged, they will go back to work ever harder than before.

4. They do a lot of planning

Average people tend to have the notion of just living the day through. Successful people don’t. They will plan their itinerary meticulously to ensure that it is possible to be followed. They do not stray away from the path they have planned for themselves. In fact, they plan days or even weeks away from them.

They know that by having a plan, they would be able to make full use of time.  

Want to be successful as well? Start by following these few steps. Always remember, success comes with hard work and discipline.

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