4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fairprice Xtra

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Fairprice Xtra is an extension of the original Fairprice line by NTUC. Other extensions include Fairprice Finest and Fairprice Express. Here are some of the things you didn’t know about Fairprice Xtra.


There are only 5 outlets for Fairprice Xtra. Compared to the original Fairprice, this number seems few, but Xtra is better in a number of ways. Below shows some of the ways that Xtra is better than a normal Fairprice outlet.



Fairprice Xtra has its biggest outlet located in Ang Mo Kio Hub. The total area of the hypermarket is 7,150 square metres. In comparison, a full-sized standard Olympic swimming pool is 1,250 square metres. That is almost 6 full-sized swimming pools.

Items sold

The items sold in Fairprice Xtra are almost the same as the normal Fairprice, however, it includes other items such as electronics and fashion wear like clothing. It was originally separated into Fairprice Homemart, but it is soon combined with a normal Fairprice outlet to form Fairprice Xtra.

Rarer things

Similar to Carrefour and Cold Storage, Fairprice Xtra actually stocks some foreign products that are hard to find in Singapore. For example, I remember seeing a Dr Pepper in a Fairprice Xtra outlet. Although it still stocks pretty much the same items, Xtra gives more options to the customers. More variety also means that we are spoilt for choices and can pick the one that we like the most.

Although the normal Fairprice is sufficient to meet our requirements, there are times when we need items that are more specific to our needs. As such, it is sometimes better to visit Xtra to find those items that we desperately need.  Having more branches also means that the outlet is able to cater to more people. Since Fairprice is aptly named for its fairness in price to make sure that the items are affordable to everyone, it is good to know that they are making efforts to expand affordable items beyond necessities.