4 types of people you’ll meet during area-cleaning in the army


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During your 2-year *vacation* in the army, you will get to meet people from all walks of life. For people who do not serve the army, they might not know that only during the basic military training phase(BMT), all recruits have a mandatory stay-in rule. After that phase, some lucky ones or those who have physical or mental conditions have the luxury of working 8-5 in the army. This means that they get to stay-out and go home every day. Lucky!

Well for the rest of the unlucky ones, I would call it unlucky from my personal view. We get a 5D4N *staycation* in camp every day till we ORD. That means that every Friday there would be a standby area meaning that we would have to clean our bunks and arrange everything neatly for inspections.

P.S. I’m a Corporal (man) so I do not know if specialist or officers have their own standby area or not.

Just by standby area alone you get to see different types of people who do things so differently that sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder “what in the world are they doing?”

Here are 4 examples of people you see during area-cleaning.

This guy is the sibei steady one. He has the power to detect even the smallest of dust in the bunk. Adding on to his super eyesight, he has the ability to just point to the spot and get others to do the cleaning. This type of people don’t usually last long until people start to hate him and mess around with him.


2. Clean-Freak
People like him should be hired to do advertisement for cleaning agency. He is usually the one who mops the floor, clean the fan, wipe his own cupboard 2-3 times and will help to check if other people are as clean as him. Usually the side-kick of the Eyepower dude.

3. Own-area obsessed guy
This guy is so obsessed with his own area that he will clean his area until the timing of the standby-area. He has completely no idea that his bunk-mate is helping to clean the bunk. Or he doesn’t really give a damn. We call this type the selfish motherf***er.

4. Do-not-give-a-damn guy
This person lagi best. He will just sit around and use his phone. Or walk around to see people clean their area but will never touch his area. He obviously know that in the unit, standby area is not as garang as the one in BMT so he doesn’t really care.

Either way, standby area in unit is not really that garang like the one in BMT but still, people like those mentioned above exists. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


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