4 Words that You should not Use When Talking to Someone in NS


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Do you have a brother or friend serving NS in the army? If so, do you realize that certain innocent words like “extra” make them cringe? Well, because these words carry different meaning for them. Here are some words you should avoid!

Just…use “additional” instead of “extra”. Or use “more”.

To husbands and wives, confinement would mean a period whereby they’ve just become fathers and mothers. To people in the army, it’s, erm, literally being confined in the bunk. During the weekends.

Just use “called” instead. If you die die want to use the word “contacted”, say it softly. If you’re too loud, your NS friend might just run to the nearest tree and lay prone next to it.

Words that are funny to reservist soldiers but not to people in NS
People like us (reservist) laugh when we hear IPPT, RT or SOC. But to those active personnel, these are no laughing matter. They can’t fail while we can. So, erm, don’t joke with them about these, ha!