4 Worst Things to Wear For A Job Interview That Guarantee You Won’t Get The Job

Ajob interview can be very stressful. You might have prepared all necessary things like job application form, personal documents and other requisites, even if you have already visited the company’s website and gather more information. However, these preparations are going to end in vain if you don’t pay much attention to how you will be presenting yourself to the hiring team.

Skill sets, experience, proficiency and capability are vital things that you can sell to the company. But in an interview,  you will be judged not only on what you say but also, on what you wear.

One wrong move can blow away your chance. Even wearing the wrong attire can distract the employer from your polished resume and outstanding achievements.

Here are 4 worst things to wear to a job interview:

Clothes that don’t fit

First and foremost is that your shirt and pants (or skirt) are fitting to you as this affects on how you perform, as you’ll feel more at ease.

Loud colors

Keep in mind that trends don’t always get along with businesses unless your future employer allows such dress codes, don’t distract your interviewers by wearing loud colours. Instead, pick up some conservative colours like black, blue, white, grey and brown as they will convey a sense of professionalism. Put away that neon green ties! You wish your future employer to more focus on your capabilities rather than your wacky ties, don’t you?

Ladies, stay away from your excessive jewellery and way too heavy makeup!

Anything too revealing

Avoid wearing too revealing clothing for your job interview! Wear an appropriate outfit, as your first impression is expected to be a great one, not only the just passable.

Men should button up their shirts and women should cover up appropriately so that the hiring team can focus on your capabilities for the company and the job role.

Any wrinkled or dirty clothes

Whatever the reason, if you don’t have time to iron and tidy up your clothes, you will not be trusted to handle more complex responsibilities. Keep in mind that first impression counts.

These are some tips on your attire for your job interviews. Put on your best and most proper outfit, as this will value-add yourself that results to a higher chance in being hired by your future employer! Good luck!

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