40 Lambos and a Nissan show that it doesn’t matter what car you drive in Singapore roads


Last Updated on 2017-06-22 , 10:54 am

Singapore is fair; really. Just take a look at this video by Maxon Goh. The convoy was for a charity event, and it sure screamed “give money to charity!”

I especially like it that it occurred in Punggol and not in some remote part of Orchard Road.

But in the midst of this, there carries a subtle, powerful message: it doesn’t matter what car you drive, as long as you’re in Singapore, you will be treated fairly. Just look at 0:30 and spot the odd one out. Way to go, Nissan.

The last time I was stuck in-between many 5-tonners, I was so stressful that I just remained in the lane and went 50 kmh with them.

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