5 absolutely wrong stereotypes of sim students that everyone should know

Depending on which university you go to, you may be considered rich to others. For example, University of Buffalo has courses that go up to almost $70,000 for the entire duration. That is an average of $17,500 per year. I am very sure that not everybody can afford such fees. Other universities such as RMIT have an average of $7000 per semester or $14,000 a year, depending on what course you take. All in all, you need a pretty hefty sum of money just to study there. Despite this, not everybody is rich. Many actually have to work part time or apply for student loans in order to pay for the school fees.

Worse than other people
Most people compare SIM students to NTU, NUS and SMU students. However, just because they are not from a government subsidized university doesn’t mean they are any worse than these “geniuses”. It is definitely true that our local universities produce extremely talented students, but I believe that SIM can produce students that are stellar in their performance as well.

No self-discipline
It is perhaps pretty well known that SIM universities allow students to have free reign on their education. Of course not all universities are like this, but most of them have a lack of coursework. The lack of supervision is also an issue. There are no homework or regular tests to see if you are keeping up with the workload. Therefore, it is almost a self-disciplined way of studying. People may be misled into thinking that SIM students have no self-discipline, but it is far from the truth. It is precisely because of the lack of supervision that the students have to learn to be independent and actively search for answers.

I don’t understand how, but apparently some people think that SIM students are lazy. Maybe it is due to the fact that some believe that the degrees are “paid”. It could also be possible that some people think that they are not in local universities, therefore they are stupid and lazy? I have no idea. However, if you ever need evidence that SIM students are NOT lazy, drop off at SIM HQ. You will see loads of students studying, even late at night.

UniSIM and SIMGE are under SIM. UniSIM is the government subsidized and recognized one whereas SIMGE is the one that have affiliates with University of London, RMIT etc. They are totally two different sectors. To the public, the students there are all SIM students. However, their behavior is quite different. UniSIM is the more competent university compared to SIMGE, according to some. Yet, I believe that if the students are hard-working, there will be no difference regardless of the university you come from.

I believe that there will always be black sheep in every single university. I can guarantee that not every SMU, NTU, NUS student are as competent and capable as the public portray them to be. There will be good and bad students regardless of which university they come from. It is high time that the public learn about this fact.