5 annoying small talks / questions you get from taxi drivers

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One of the most perplexing things on our small sunny island is that a cab ride often takes only about a quarter or a third the time that is needed compared to taking public transport, and it’s often a better choice to opt for especially when you’re in a hurry. AND… If you can endure these things that the cab drivers ask or say:

Which route do you want to take?

Many drivers with good service tend to ask for your preferred route. That is often very much appreciated but sometimes when you say “the fastest route” or “the route without many traffic lights”, they will reply “well there’s option A to go by xxx but then option B by yyy might be congested or option C and D and E…”


Oh my God, uncle (or auntie), can you just make up your mind and take a route? If it’s the first time I’m going to the said destination I also have no idea which route is the best. And often people might take cab to places they do not know how to go by public transport, so you ask also no use right??

What are you doing (at your destination)?

“Wah go paktor ah?” “So many people here got what here ah?”

Dear uncle, you are not my parents, I don’t need to report what I do to you?? Even if it’s my parents I also don’t report lor. Ask so much for what just drive lah tolonggggg.

Wah your boyfriend/ girlfriend let you go ah? (WTF -.- ?!)

*Girl carrying skateboard boards cab*

Cab driver: How long have you been skateboarding? Your boyfriend let you go ah?

Girl: Huh? Oh I have no boyfriend.

Uncle: Orhhhh no wonder.


Wah uncle please, 21th century already many girls are better athletes or extreme sports enthusiasts than guys okay? What’s with your warped view of the world that all girls have to have a boyfriend and it’s okay for the boyfriend to be controlling of everything she does?

If girls nowadays still adhere to the traditional gender norms, ask why many girls swoon over guys who can cook or play the violin or draw artistically? When those used to be what were thought to be “girl hobbies” Does it make men less “MAN” when they show their gentle or sensitive side? Not at all, in fact, if guys are willing to show their sensitive sides, they confirm can be more popular with girls!

Clarifying stereotypes

Sometimes when the uncle hears that you’re from a particular school or country, they will start telling you every single thing they know about that school or country, clarifying every single stereotype and assumption they have, with you. It is hardly surprising that taxi drivers have a lot of things to say cuz they tend to be by themselves most of the day, and the people they meet most are the customers on their cab.

When they hear that you’re an SMU student going to school, all questions like “SMU students very competitive one right?”, “Now holidays still go school? SMU students no life ah”, “SMU people only know how to talk well, is it true ah?” start getting bombed at you and it takes probably the whole ride to school to clear all his doubts or clarify all his misunderstandings about your school or yourself.

But why do all those even matter to him?

Talking about their families/ kids

Some older cabbies will start talking about anything under the sky with you, from politics to the weather to “younger generation nowadays” to their families and kids – how many kids he has, how old they are, what they are studying, etc etc.

Sometimes if the ride takes longer and he finished talking about his kids, he might go into his life story… Probably alighting is a much better idea unless you have super good patience.