5 best cup noodles sold in Singapore

Cup noodles, the staple food of students rushing their homework, mugging for examinations or trying to meet a project’s deadlines. The convenience and speed offered is unmatched and who has the time for instant noodles in a packet? These are some of the best that are being sold in Singapore so the next time you’re a night owl for any reason, you have a cup ready.

Nissin Laksa Flavour Cup Noodles
The next time you have a laksa craving at 2am in the morning, break open a cup of these and you’ll satisfy that for a day at least. Among the many laksa-flavoured cup noodles in Singapore, the Japanese brand’s one comes closest to replicating the local noodle dish. 

Myojo Extra Spicy Curry Cup Noodles
With five packets of seasoning powders and condiments attached to the instant cup noodles, ‘not spicy enough’ won’t be one of the things that you’ll be saying after your meal. Then again, you may not even be saying anything when you’re too busy reaching for a cup of water or a cold drink.

Samyang Hot Chicken Noodle Bowl
If a bowl of noodles sitting in what looks like chilli oil doesn’t faze you and whets your appetite instead, this Korean brand of instant noodles is the one for you. Just prepare a lot of water in case you bit off more than you can chew.

Nissin Seafood Flavour Cup Noodles
With the many wacky flavours available in supermarkets and convenience stores these days, one often forgets the classic seafood flavour. If you’re at a loss on what to buy, just grab one of these, the flavour has available for decades and it’s no surprise why Nissin hasn’t phased this out.

Yum Yum Shrimp Tom Yum
The spicy and sour Thai soup is a hit with many Singaporeans and if the tom yum craving hits you in the office or while you’re watching a late-night movie at home, just open a cup of these.

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