5 Best Dance Studios In Singapore To Learn Your Wedding Dance

5 Dance Studios To Learn Your Wedding Dance - 001

Taking your first dance as newlyweds is a sweet, romantic moment that you’ll always cherish. However, under many watchful eyes, you and your spouse might be pressured to impress your guests with a good dance performance. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet — from the waltz to even street jazz, here are five dance studios that can make your spectacular first dance happen.

1. John & Josephine Dance Creative

If you are going to the classic ballroom dance — the slow but elegant waltz, a faster-paced tango or the more sensual and dramatic salsa — John & Josephine Dance Creative offers private wedding dance classes that can help choreograph your ideal dance and make sure you end up dancing like pros on your wedding day. Their package of 4 lessons goes for S$350, with an additional one-time registration fee of S$20 per person.

2. Dance Factory Singapore

Ballroom dances are no longer a must at weddings — with the k-pop craze in Singapore, you and your spouse-to-be might have a favourite K-Pop tune, so why not bring it with you to your wedding dance floor? At Dance Factory, request for a K-Pop song with an instructor and all you need is 5 or more students to start the class. Priced at S$80 per person for 5 classes, bring all your friends with you so you’ll have reliable backup dancers on the day itself.

3. Jazz Inc

Jazz it up a little with swing dances such as Lindy Hop, tap and balboa at your wedding, accompanied by a live band playing your favourite swing tunes. You can have a jazz dance choreographed for you by Jazz Inc, and you will execute perfect swings and turns on your big day as if you have been doing it all your life.

4. Dance Bollywood International

Dazzled by Bollywood dance moves? Try private classes with Dance Bollywood International and make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen join in on the fun. With dramatic and sexy dance moves, distinctive Bollywood tunes and the kaleidoscope of colours that come with your costumes, your first wedding performance will be a spectacular visual experience to remember. You can also have the studio’s professional dance troupe add numbers to your performance for an authentic Bollywood number.

5. Dance Arts Singapore

If you missed the chance to try hip hop, ballet, contemporary or street dance when you were younger, you may be discouraged from learning it now, especially when the dance studios are filled with children and teenagers. At Dance Arts Singapore, a variety of dance classes for adults are available, even for those who have absolute zero experience in dance. So if you have an unfulfilled dream of performing ballet or modern street dance, now is the time to apply for a private class with Dance Arts and begin training for your breakout performance on your wedding day!

Featured Image: me-weddings.com