5 Best Non-Air-Conditioned Ulu Neighbourhood Shopping Malls

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With so many fancy and modern shopping malls being built in Singapore every year, there are bound to be some smaller-scaled malls being ignored just because they aren’t as new as the bigger ones or that they don’t have our favourite shops. However, there are still some neighbourhood shopping malls that we love and are still amazing in their own right.

Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Image: boonlayshoppingcentre.com
Image: boonlayshoppingcentre.com

This place may be small and a little inconvenient to get to since it is not near an MRT station, people who live in the vicinity still flock to Boon Lay Shopping Complex because of the amazing, yet humble food stalls that they have there.

Some food stalls that shouldn’t be missed includes the Power Nasi Lemak, the famous teh tarik next to it, and the prata shop just a few units down.

Hougang Green Shopping Mall

Image: streetdirectory.com
Image: streetdirectory.com

The fact that the restaurant, Chef’s Hat, is located at Hougang Green Shopping Mall is good enough reason for the mall to be listed here. Chef’s Hat is a family-owned restaurant specialising in western cuisine. Think juicy oysters, fragrant seafood aglio olio topped with big, fresh prawns, and generous servings of pork knuckles – all at affordable prices!

Keat Hong Shopping Centre

Image: 2ndshot.blogspot.com
Image: 2ndshot.blogspot.com

Yet another inaccessible “shopping centre” situated in the west of Singapore, Keat Hong Shopping Centre may look like an abandoned and unloved place on the outside but it actually houses many yummy food stalls that, sadly, only operate in the morning and early afternoon. The wanton mee on the second floor of the mall is fantastic and boasts queues of people waiting to dapao their noodles back home. The chicken rice isn’t too shabby either.

Limbang Shopping Centre

Image: listings.sg
Image: listings.sg

Limbang Shopping Centre got a revamp a few years back and although it is still not air-conditioned, it still holds an importance place in the hearts of people who stay nearby. There are plenty of small-scaled family-owned shops here, like the stationery store, the home ware store, and there is even a clinic here. The McDonald’s at the end of the shopping centre is also a favourite hangout spot of many students who study in schools nearby.

Tekka Centre

Image: dope.sg
Image: dope.sg

Little India is often mentioned on travel blogs when Singapore is mentioned but sadly, Tekka Centre which is located in Little India itself, is frequently ignored. Tekka Centre is the place for delicious, authentic Indian food that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Not only that, the wet market at Tekka Centre is arguably one of the best places for anyone to shop for fresh, hard-to-find fruits and vegetables.

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