5 best places to makan durian in Singapore


Last Updated on 2020-02-19 , 9:11 am

Reader: I need the best durian in Singapore now!

Be patient, my hungry reader.

Let’s face it. Almost all Singaporeans are in love with the durian. With its thorny exterior, but savoury and wickedly pungent interior, it is the undoubtedly the king of all fruits and the one fruit to rule them all. Durian lovers will know that now would be the seasons they have been waiting for every single year; Durian Season. Where all the durians will come in and everyone will go ape-shit over them, as well as eating them like there is no tomorrow.

But there are so many durian stalls in Singapore? How do we find out which are the food places to eat and which are not? Don’t really, in order to help you make full use of this season; we have come up with a few lists of the 5 best places to “makan” durian in Singapore.

1) Combat Durian
Located at 261 Balestier Road Balestier Point, this 50 year old stall is famous for its Mao Shan Wang Durian, alias the King of Kings Durian as it is the best type of durian among all durian. One can even say that it is the one durian to rule all durians. But anyways, they are very sought after by customers and be ready to see long queues, especially during weekends. Their durians could be quite expensive, but then again, with great price comes great quality.

Located at 227 East Coast Road, they are famous for serving good durians at reasonable prices. Customers can either choose to walk-in and makan until they cannot makan anymore or place an online order. Yes, they have an online website. Here it is:


Note: Durian only comes in around 1 pm, so don’t come too early but don’t come too late either.

Located at 608 Geylang Road Lorong 36 and Block 186 Toa Payoh Central #01-444, as it name suggest, it is a departmenent store. For Durians. They are famous for their Mao San Wang, D24 and D13, which comes directly from the durian plantation itself, so the durians are always very creamy and well-tasting. Customers can choose to either eat there or take away.

4) Botak Kho
Located at Block 157 Bukit Batok Street 11, the stall is run by Mr Kho. But due to his shaven head, his is nicknamed Botak. And there you have it. His origin for the stall name. Anyways, Botak Kho main durians are the Mao Shan Wang and the Red Star and their prices are quite reasonable so yea, it is a good deal.

5) Ah Seng Durian
Not top 5 or top 3 durian list can be complete without Ah Seng Durian. Located at Block 150A Ghim Moh Temporary Market, it attracts durian lovers from all walks of life in Singapore. In fact, it is considered the best durian stall in Singapore and have over the years, garnered respect, fans and trust from durian lovers island-wide. Serving wonderful durians at wonderful prices, demand is very high. If I were you, I would rather reserve one to two days ahead. You can walk-in, but as mentioned there is high demand, so you probably will not get a space to makan your durian unless you come very early or camp outside their stall.

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