5 best stalls you really shouldn’t miss when you’re in Maxwell Food Centre

Hawker food has always been a part of Singaporean culture, plus food cooked by the older generation tastes better. Maybe it’s the secret recipe of theirs, or perhaps they have certain hand made ingredients. No matter if you live near Maxwell or not, you need to try the food there and here’s 5 best stalls you shouldn’t miss!

Tian Tian Chicken Rice

tian tian
Image: vkeong.com

No doubt Tian Tian has one of the best chicken rice in Singapore. They are renowned for their extra tasty rice that seems to have some secret concoction to make it so desirable. It has fascinated even foreigners, food experts like Gordon Ramsay.

Zhen Zhen Porridge

Image: hungryowhere.com

Zhen Zhen Porridge is famous for it’s yusheng; raw fish porridge. They serve a generous amount of ingredients along with their smooth fine porridge, such as century egg, fish slices or chicken chunks.

Tong Xin Ju Special Shanghai Tim Sum

txj dim sum
Image: 4-the-love-of-food.blogspot.com

One of the favourites from Tong Xin Ju is the fried dumpling. They are popular for the special crispy skin and juicy ingredients in the dumpling. They also sell another version which is the steamed dumplings.

China Street Fritters

china street fritters
Image: monsoontravel.blogspot.com

China Street Fritters is one of the popular stalls selling small bites, such as sausages, fried prawn fritters and fish cakes. You can always share with your friends or get a small portion of these after your meals because never say no to awesome food!

Jin Hua Fish Head Beehoon

Image: monsoontravel.blogspot.com

Be prepared to join the queues for Jin Hua’s fishhead beehoon during peak hours as it’s generally a very popular dish in Maxwell. Jin Hua sells Cantonese styled fishhead beenhoon with piping hot thick milk broth and succulent fish slices.

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