5 best supper places to go in the south of Singapore


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North, East, West, covered.

It’s time we compile a list of supper places in the South because the rest have been covered – I promise you, no pratas. Although there might be lesser HDBs and higher rise building in the Southern Singapore, people have been seemingly sighted at these supper sites before heading home. Either there are too many nice food around the area, or hot chicks and hunks there are pretty attractive. What do you think?

KkoKko Na Ra @ Tanjong Pagar

Rated one of the best Korean Fried Chicken, KkoKko Na Ra specializes in KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), which has won the heart of many. They offers 4 different flavours of KFC – original, soy garlic sauce, sweet and spicy, and hot and spicy. Besides the chicken, they also serves typical Korean food like the Spicy Korean Ramen ($7) and Stone Pot Bibimbap ($10), which are some of the must-try in Korean restaurants.

With the extended opening to 4am, you might be able to spot native Koreans hanging out in that place. So if you want to hook up some Korean babes, then maybe this is the time…

KkoKko Nara
68 TanjongPagar Road, Singapore 088489

DiandinLeluk@ Golden Mile

DiandinLeluk is an affordable Thai restaurant at the “little Thailand” of Singapore to get your Thai cravings fixed in the middle of the night. Being 24 hours operated, they are famous for their Phad Thai, Green Curry Chicken as well as Thai Mango Salad. If you are a fan of Mango Sticky Rice, then it is another reason why you should visit DiandinLeluk because they are one of the few places that allows you to satisfy such craving – of course at a higher cost, which you had been craving since the last trip to Thailand.


DiandinLeluk Thai Restaurant
5001 Beach Road #01-67, Golden Mile Complex Singapore

Crystal Jade @ Holland Village

Many of us would have been familiar about this Crystal Jade branch in Holland Village because they serves Xiao Long Bao buffet. It is actually a very worthy steamboat buffet meal (with 2 choices of soup base) that allows you to have unlimited free flow Xiao Long Bao. Just as heavenly as it sounds.

The best part? Latest slot available is from 10pm to 12am. I think you can skip your dinner for now and just go straight there for supper. Do remember to make a reservation call as it is always fully booked!

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
241/241A Holland Avenue, Singapore 278976


49 Seats  @ Chinatown

This café with 49 seats (it’s true, you can count them if you don’t believe me) located at the entrance of Chinatown is a popular supper places for youth. They offer occasional promotions of pasta and side dishes (check out their Facebook page!) that would allow you to fill your stomach at an affordable price. From their latest updates, the discounts actually get higher later in the night. So if you go after 12am then your food is cheaper.

What’s good over there are: Smoked Duck Pasta, Tomyum Seafood Pasta, Cheese Fries and their Tom yum Chicken Cutlet. There are tons of unique flavours they serve at 49 Seats while allowing you to keep a maximum spending of $15 without charging service charge and GST. It is also recommended that you make a reservation before heading over to avoid queueing!!

49 Seats
49 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089007
Mon – Thu: 18:00 – 02:00, Fri – Sat: 18:00 – 04:30

Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha @ Keppel Road

Having a BakKutTeh craving in the middle of the night? Returning from Sentosa too late you have nowhere to eat? This eatery located at which opens from 7am to 4am in the morning would definitely suffice. Although the place may be a little out of the way for some, it is definitely worthwhile making the trip down.

The hot peppery BKT would be totally comforting especially on a rainy nightas it cure your hunger pangs with peppery soup and tender pork ribs. Do not be surprise if the thing keeping you addicted is actually the youtiaos with the soup – it is just heavenly.

OutramYa Hua Rou Gu Cha Restaurant
#01-05/07, TanjongPagar Complex, 7 Keppel Road, Singapore 089053

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