5 best supper places to go in the west of Singapore


Last Updated on 2016-06-02 , 2:53 pm

Even Westies have their own supper places!

For people like me who sleeps wayyyyyyy past midnight, getting hungry once the clock strikes 12 is not an uncommon phenomenon.

We have all heard about the awesome Ba ChorMee at Bedok 85, but would a Westie go all the way to Bedok (maybe with a passport like what the Easties always proclaim) just to fill the stomach? Of course not, we Westies have our own supper solutions but promise me not to share it with too many people unless you want to be filled with people past midnight (like it has not already).

Ah Lian Bee Hoon @Below Pioneer MRT
This place is the favourite hangout of all NTU students. It is a coffee shop just below Pioneer MRT station and this economic bee hoon stall opens from the evening to the morning. Of course, besides Ah Lian Bee Hoon, there are other stalls open 24/7 too – like the duck rice stall, the prata stall and the dim sum stall. Unless you stay nearby or you live in NTU, do not bother going there to snatch seats with the NTU students and the taxi drivers, it is already crowded enough.

Why the name? That is just because a pretty Ah Lian owns the stall… but don’t mess with her, or else your bee hoon would be pathetically little.

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak @ Boon Lay Place Market and Food Centre
Having a car or not would not deter you from coming all the way to Boon Lay Place Market and Food Centre just to have Nasi Lemak. But do come early, it opens till 4am only and the queue can be long at times.


The Nasi Lemak is cheap ($2.50 for the fish and $3 for the chicken set) despite being famous. You have to try the awesome sambal chilli and the otah on top of the Nasi Lemak. Trust me, it is worth every calorie.

S11 Eating House beside Nanyang Community Club @ Blk 964 Jurong West St 91
Come here in the evening for the crab and the tze char, and come here at night for the western stall’s cheese fries and the oyster omelette!!

This place is just a few bus stops away from NTU so be prepared and if you want some quiet supper moments then this is not the place for you…

Sixties Frog Porridge @ Blk 491 Jurong West Ave 1
This is for frog porridge lovers!! They have awesome frog porridge at affordable prices!!
But one tip for this is that the parking lots behind the coffeeshop are always full so do find alternative parking spots before heading over to fill your stomach!

The Cheese Prata Shop @ 18 Clementi Road
After discussing favourite supper places for NTU kids, now this is for the NUS kids.
Their cheese prate, especially the banana ones are to die for. It was good, and worth every single calorie yet again. Actually, nobody cares about the calories after stepping into a supper place isn’t it?

Besides all these places, there are also tons of 24 hours prata houses at Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak and Clementi. We all appreciate the existence of these prata houses but mediocre pratas and overpriced teh tarik might not be what we are looking for after a while.

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