5 Unique Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites in a Mosquito-Infested Area


Last Updated on 2020-11-26 , 7:39 pm

This would be familiar: as you are enjoying yourself in a room with your friends, one of you started to realise that a mosquito has joined in. Minutes later, everyone gets tense and hot as they scratch their body in the most unglamorous manner.

Don’t you wish there’s a solution? Well, there are five solutions, in fact. Check out what you can do when those mosquitoes decide to pay you a visit!

This is one of the worst solutions, but it is still a solution. Mosquitoes hate smoke—any types of smoke—so if you are with a group of smokers, maybe lighting up suddenly become a good idea. And of course, if you’re in a BBQ pit, you know what to do!

Stay near a fan
Considering the size of a mosquito, it takes no expert to understand why mosquitoes hate fans. Just sit near the fan and the wind will keep the mosquito away. Or if you have an outcast friend, just get him to fan with a paper for the rest of the group. Oh, this outcast friend is very important because if all things fail, you need him for #5.

Dish soap trap
This is funny but it works. Basically, if you have some dish soap and a dish, just pour water on the dish and some dish soap. Place it where most mosquitoes would be. These mosquitoes will fly there, land on the water and drown. Yeah, now we’re talking!

Go somewhere cool
Mosquitoes like warm places. If you switch on the air-con or go somewhere cool, they’ll not follow you. So, stay cool and bite-free!


Sacrifice someone
Remember the outcast friend in #2? This is when he gets in handy. You see, an outcast friend usually tries very hard to impress. So, get him to take off his shirt and stand up to take deep breaths for twenty minutes.

Because he exhales more carbon dioxide, mosquitoes will be attracted to him. Feed the mosquitoes and eventually, they’ll be so full that they’ll just rest. Your outcast friend has just won your heart and made you bite-free. Kill two birds with one stone, eh?

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