5 cheapest places to buy your glasses in Singapore (includes sunglasses in Singapore)


Last Updated on 2023-07-15 , 1:36 pm

Buying a pair of spectacles or sunglasses in Singapore these days may end up with you outright arguing with the shop’s optician over that $700 pair that he/she just quoted you.

Your instincts are right, there is no need to pay that much just because you’re short-sighted. Here are some shops that offer the best prices for spectacles in town.


Yes, this is the brand with frames so flexible, you can outright invert them and they’ll still spring back to their original position.

Prices are all listed in black and white, so there’s no need to worry about hidden costs or whether the optician has jacked up the cost of the lenses. Your glasses are ready in about 20-40 minutes to boot.

The idea of cheap spectacles being made quickly will probably appeal to any Singaporean.

Address: There are a number of outlets in Singapore.


Four Eyes [Seemingly Closed, Accounts Inactive]

You can buy anything online these days and that includes spectacles. The many colours, sizes and materials will have you spending hours on the site as you search for your next pair of glasses or sunglasses in Singapore.

There is even an option to ‘try on’ the spectacles before adding them to your cart. Prices start as low as $88 with your choice of lenses.

Address: Online at foureyes.com.sg


Prices are clearly stated on their website and you can browse through the frames on the brand’s website.

The standard lenses start from as low as $29.80, with premium lens options such as Kodak’s Clean and Clear and Transitions being available should customers need them.

Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-338 Singapore 039594

New China Optician

The shop has been in operation for more than 90 years and is similar to the many neighbourhood opticians you’ve known since you were a kid.

Glasses start as low as $40, perfect for an NS man who may only need it for the first two months.

And they do carry notable brands of sunglasses in Singapore too!

Parents who have active children that are prone to snapping spectacles will appreciate the low price as well.

Address: 3 Coleman Street, #01-11, Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore 179804

The Tiny Island Emporium

Quality eyewear is the motto of this Carousell retailer and with up to 70% off prices on designer frames from Spain and the USA, it is easy to see why stocks run out fast.

Frames start as low as $30 and if you are a fan of sunglasses, they do stock them as well.

Address: Carousell @thetinyislandemporium


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