5 cheapest places to buy your supplements in Singapore (e.g. protein powder)

Singaporeans are increasingly adopting a healthy lifestyle and any guy is a gymrat who can tell u the difference between standard bicep curls and preacher curls. When you reach a certain point, just working out and eating right isn’t enough, you would want to supplement your diet with protein powder, vitamin tablets or other supplements.

Here are some of the cheapest places in Singapore to get a great deal for that tub of protein powder

1. Fitlion

There’s free delivery for orders over $120, so rope in your friends who’re athletes and order in bulk. The online store has over 20 brands to order from and it has everything from protein powder to post-workout solutions. It’s a popular website, so stock up early and be prepared to have an alternative brand in mind when you make your orders.


2. Nutrifirst

If you need fitness equipment such as weightlifting belts along with your supplements, Nutrifirst is the website to visit. There is a Promotions tab on the website so no worries if you’ve missed out on their current offers on the homepage. Discounts are clearly shown, so you might not want to get your fish oil from any brick and mortar store again.


3. iHerb

iHerb probably has the widest range of supplements, being geared towards the whole family rather than for athletes only. If your grandmother needs pills for arthritis or if your friends require more esoteric supplements like propolis, this is the right store to visit.


4. Gymshack

The frontpage will probably seal the deal for you, with free shipping for orders over $100 and a free shaker bottle being thrown in. This website is probably the best place to start if you’re new to adding in supplements to your diet. You can even fine tune your search with the ‘What’s your goal’ option.


5. The Supplement Warehouse

The Supplement Warehouse has both an online store and three brick and mortar stores in Singapore. If you’re not confident with shopping online or require advice before parting with your money, The Supplement Warehouse has you covered. There are over 30 brands available so don’t worry if your favourite protein powder isn’t in stock.


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