5 cheapest retail shops to get your perfume in Singapore

With the hot and humid weather that we are now experiencing in Singapore, we will definitely perspire whether on the way to work, leaving the office for lunch at the nearby food center or having a quick smoke outside the building.

Perfumes are a great way for us to ensure that no matter where we go and how much we perspire, we will not be getting dirty looks for emitting odors not fit for the general public.

Not everyone can afford, or wants to spend so much on perfumes that are available in departmental stores and are selling at a hundred dollars and more per bottle.

Read on to find the 5 cheapest places to get your perfume where you can get what you want at the lowest price possible.

Mustafa Centre

A 24 hour shopping mall located in Little India has been said to sell perfumes at a lower price compared to departmental stores;

Dollars and Scents

carry a wide range of fragrances for both men and women and have promotions all year round. You can visit their face book page for updated information about their promotions and outlets in Singapore.

Beauty French Enterprises

They specialise in products like skincare, perfumes and cosmetic accessories. They carry a wide range of perfumes at reasonable prices. They can be found at Lucky Plaza.

Beauty Language

The largest homegrown hair and beauty retail chain in Singapore. Outlets can be found all around Singapore their prices are reasonable. Subscribe to their free newsletter on their website to keep up-to-date with their events and promotions.

City Cosmetic and Fragrances

Located in City Plaza, they carry a wide range of perfumes at reasonable prices.

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