5 clichés that will occur when a guy become best friend with a girl


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Peers always assume you guys are a thing.
Wherever you go, your friends would somehow assume that you and him/ her are a couple or will become a pair sooner or later. Because most people just have this conception that guys and girls can never be “just friends”. Like it or not, no matter how much you explain to them, people are just going to stick with what they believe in. So, don’t bother trying to clarify your friendship status to anyone because after all, the friendship forged is between you two and only both of you matter. Right?

Being friendzoned/ sister-zoned/ bro-zoned
Ahh, this is nothing unusual. At one point of your friendship, attraction might develop in at least one of you. I mean, you spend so much time with this special friend, you know about this person from inside out, you get so comfortable being in each other’s company, and the list goes on. It’s really easy to slip into that relaxed mode and cross the thin line between friendship and love which is easily blurred. At the end of the day, when one doesn’t have the mutual feeling for another, excuses like, “Hey, I’m sorry, you’re like a sister/ brother to me” or “Look, we’re best friends and I don’t wanna ruin this friendship by being something more” are definitely a sure-fire way to dim the flame of the friendship both of you have built along the years. Awkwardness will ensue and things will never be exactly the same again once the cat is out of the bag. Well, I’m not saying that you can control the way you should or should not feel for your buddy. Feelings don’t come with a manual, right? I get that. All I’m saying is you really have to own a strong will in order to maintain a platonic friendship with a close friend of the opposite gender. A wise man once told me that “You don’t lose your best friend when you break up with him/her. In fact, you’ve already lost him/her the minute both of you get into a relationship”.

You view matters from both perspectives; the gents’ and the ladies’
Well, what more can I say? It’s always a bonus to have a buddy of the opposite gender. When it comes to any matter, you get opinions from both sides. And that’s just pretty awesome, isn’t it? No biasness. Less drama. Some topics may be a taboo or they may even be too embarrassing to discuss aloud with the opposite gender in the public, but you know you can always count on your buddy for his/ her advice or opinions. Believe it or not, it’s so much easier to confide your problems in a friend of the opposite gender. Perhaps it’s because you probably have already known how your species would deal when faced with the similar problems as yours. You just need to listen to a different opinion to boost that positive vibe within you.

You are each other’s BEST supporter
Those who have BFFs of the opposite gender will know that their buddies are less judgemental, less critical, more empathetic and more supportive. No matter what your decision is, they will ALWAYS have your back. Buddies like them are akin to angels that lift you up when your wings are broken. They may not help you to solve all your problems, but hey! They definitely won’t leave you facing it alone.

Easily Forgive but Hardly Forget
You guys can fight all the time but never once will you let it get in the way of a solid friendship. Surely, there will be moments of cold war where both of you will give each other the cold shoulder but at the end of the day/ week/ month, the ice will be broken and you guys will catch up from where you had left off previously. But do remember that no matter how easily your buddy can look past your mistakes, he/she can hardly ever forget the reason of your strained friendship. So, never take his/her forgiveness for granted and mess with a healed wound as it’ll probably take aeons to recover by then.

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