5 differences between a ‘boyfriend-worthy’ guy and a ‘not-boyfriend-worthy’ guy

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Fun (and sad for some) facts: beautiful girls are often surrounded by guys who are willing to do anything just to get the coveted “boyfriend” status.

But how does a woman make that decision on who to accept? Is it a conscious choice, or is it based on some special “attractive” attributes? Well, check out the “science” here—because the truth is that being nice doesn’t make you boyfriend-worthy!

He’ll sing praises about the girl, and whenever the girl makes unreasonable demands, he will go all out to fulfil her wants, even if there are severe consequences—because to him, it’s all about making her happy for that moment.

He’s quiet and won’t say things just to make the girl happy. In fact, he might just say things that would hurt the girl. But he’s just being honest and not interested in lip service: to him, it’s all about making sure that her future is happy, not her present.

When a girl wears a new dress, he’ll sing praises about her just to impress her. But his words often come across as insincere—all he wants is to make the girl happy.

When he sees the girl wearing a new dress, he may or may not praise her. Even if he does, it’ll be done subtly. For all you know, if it’s a sexy dress, he might just tell the girl to wear that only when going out with him—because he believes the girl belongs to him exclusively!

He doesn’t mind which guys the girl go out with because it’s all about the moment: He just wants her to be happy. See the repetition of “make her happy” now?

He’ll get jealous if the girl gets close to other guys because he just wants the girl—and he’s not prepared to face the consequences of losing her.

He’ll bring the girl out even if both need to study for their exams because, well, he just wants her to be happy.

He’ll bring the girl out…after their exams or if there are no serious consequences from the date. To him, making the girl happy is important, but the future is the priority: he doesn’t want the girl’s future to be ruined just because of one rash act.

No matter where the girl stays, no matter how inconvenient it is to him, and even if he has important things to do, he will compromise everything just to send the girl home. Because he (repeat after me) just want to make the girl happy.

If he has something important to do that might have serious complications to his future, he’ll give the girl money to take a cab home instead, and instruct her to tell him when she is home safely. To him, he won’t let one rash act compromise his perfect future because his future includes the girl.

Now, now, now. Guys: You get the point now? You see how friendzone is created now? Are you still trying too hard to make a girl happy?

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