5 differences between serving your National Service in Taiwan and Singapore

In a previous article, we have highlighted the difference between National Service in Malaysia and Singapore. Today, I will like to write about the 5 differences between National Service in Taiwan and Singapore.

1. National Service in Singapore can be served in 3 organisations: namely SCDF, SPF and SAF. In Taiwan, other than the military, police and fire department, their NS can be served in clinics, local government offices or as teachers in rural areas provided they have the required qualifications.

2. The length of National Service in Singapore is 2 years while the length of NS in Taiwan is now 4 months according to Straits Times, reduced from the previous period of 1 year.

3. In Singapore, you must enlist for your NS before going for undergraduate study at the university. In Taiwan, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) passed an amendment that allow men who are obligated to serve in the military can delay their compulsory military service during their undergraduate studies until the age of 24 (Source: AsiaOne)

4. In Taiwan, when you go through the draft process, you can choose which track you want to go to, such as the enlisted military service, alternative service and national defense service and most likely be able to get your choice provided you have the necessary requirement. In Singapore, you’ll be asked by your sergeant during BMT on where you want to go, only to end up in a totally different unit.

5. Last but not least, if you thought that Taiwanese males are lucky to have only four months compulsory military service, the next line will make you froth at the mouth in anger. Listen to this, Taiwan plans to stop conscription practices and instead turn the Taiwan military into a full-fledged volunteer army. In Singapore, you can wait long long before that happened.

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