5 documented encounters during Hungry Ghost Festival that will make you go home early today

The face on the back of your head
A true encounter, this story was the talk of the town a few years back. What happened was that a teenager had stepped on an offering beside the road, and didn’t know he had. Hours later he began complaining that his head and shoulders felt heavy, and for some reason he kept seeing scenes that weren’t supposed to be there.

At the end of the day, just when he was reaching the void deck of his HDB block, a person began walking up to him, even though there was nobody just a moment ago. Fearing that it was something supernatural, he turned around. The person was somehow there. Turning on his heels yet again, he started sprinting. The person, confused by his behavior, simply stared at him.

After clearing a few paces, the person somehow appeared before him again, although this time he seemed further. It was only then that the teenager realized – he had been seeing things that were behind him.

Panicked and anxious, he sought help from temples, and with the help of professionals somehow got rid of the ‘face’ behind his head.

The unknown figure atop a tree
There was a rather well-known story spread among the masses in the year 2002, when a man claimed to see ‘something’ in a tree. He even snapped a photo to prove it. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that well, but people could still discern a ‘figure’ clad in white standing on a tree branch.

People that weren’t supposed to be there
This was an account of my friend, whom swore it was true and even published it online. What happened was that one day his neighbor stepped up to talk to him. He was kind of taken aback at first, because he wasn’t exactly on speaking terms with her. Nevertheless he played along with her, conversing with her on rather mundane topics such as the weather and such.

The next day he met her on the elevator, and he smiled at her and asked what she did after their talk the previous day.

She blinked at him, seemingly confused.

“Err, we had a talk yesterday, remember?” he said, trying to edge out a creeping feeling in his gut.

She blinked again. “I was at school the entire day yesterday…”

She looked at him like he was crazy, before leaving.

Strange feeling
Years ago, a story was published online, in which a man had apparently committed suicide by running across the road. The writer explained it in logical terms, and gave reasons why he might have chosen such an option.

Just then, a user with the name ‘—–‘ joined the discussion, and started publishing his version. According to him, the man had been a normal office worker, but one day started to feel like something was following him. It got so bad that he started walking very fast whenever he was on the streets. In the end, he couldn’t take it and dashed across the road, hoping that whatever was following him would be crushed beneath a vehicle’s wheels. It didn’t turn out as he had expected though, and he was killed by an incoming lorry.

The writer, intrigued by the unknown user’s seemingly first-hand account, asked for his source despite claims by other users that it was just a bullshit story. The user never actually replied, however, and when the writer called in to request the user’s online info, he was met with strange news.

“Sorry sir, there was no such user registered on our servers. There was, however, a disturbance at the time you quoted. According to one of our mods, the server had crashed around that time. Are you sure you weren’t logged onto a different site?”

Confused, the writer went back to locate the thread. The unknown user’s posts were gone, but they weren’t deleted – rather, it was as if they were never there in the first place.

The guy on the bus who never got off
A wildly popular story among ghost buffs sometime in 2007, it featured a guy who supposedly never gets off a bus throughout the entire ride. He would always sit in the same seat, on the same bus, at the same time, and would always stay frozen and rigid. One forum user alleged that he approached the guy one day, only to see him look back with strangely hollow eyes. Others claimed that the guy had no limbs.

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