5 Dress ideas to complement women of all body shapes

Who doesn’t love to go for a party? Dressing up is part of the fun! Silk, sequins, or lace? That can be hard to decide whether to look like a sweet Cinderella or nail the dance floor like Posh Spice.

There are hundreds of styles from bright to dark color, from revealing to basic cutting. Some of the dresses may look fab on you, but some may not be able to give you that vibe!

So how should you choose an appropriate dress for a party? Moreover, how should you choose a dress that flatters your figure?

You see, we all have different body shapes. Unless you are Blaire Waldorf who seems to fit in all kind of outfits, you need to know what your shape is and figure out what type of dress to make you look more beautiful.

Okay, here’s what to look for!

Hourglassflatter1Hourglass figure can be seen by the curves on the top as well as on the bottom. Commonly, a girl with this type of body shape has small waist. In order to look perfect with your party dress, look for dresses with waistline or accentuate the waist using belt. Although a body of an hourglass looks perfectly fit on every kind of outfits, it doesn’t seem to look good when using dresses with straight line. A straight line outfit hides your curves – making you look a little boxy.

Bustyflatter2Busty shape tends to having troubles in finding the perfect dress. This type of shape is bigger on top part with a waist a little shorter, and low part a little petite. When choosing a dress, make sure that it draws away the attention from your bustline. For instance, A-line dress accentuates your bottom part and flatters the figure perfectly. It gives a balance on your figure. And please, say No to print-pattern tops!

Petiteflatter3Petite shape has a short figure and is usually slim or curvy. Party dresses that can elongate their posture are those gowns with chapel length or go above the knee length. When wearing a mini dress, petite girl looks taller. Notice Eva Longoria? The sexy lady often wear dresses that are light in fabric and simple in line. It highlights her figure and avoid that extra bulky appearance.

Appleflatter4An apple body shape has slimmer hips. Their shoulders are broad and often times, they have bigger bustline. Party dress that suits apple body shape is something that keeps the attention on top body part. Pick a V neck party dress or empire waist gown.

Pearflatter5Girls with pear shape body has wide hips and thighs. Generally, pear shape body has small bustline. So to enhance the look, pear-shape figure has to choose dresses that highlight the upper part, the chest and neck. Pick a party dress that highlights both like a gown with fitted top.

Source: all2need, shoppinglifestyle



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