5 Food Combinations That Will Cause Laosai

One thing people always bring on an overseas trip – poh chai pills. Diarrhoea is a serious matter, especially when you are in a foreign land and are not sure if the doctors there are trustworthy. As a result, we are often seen skipping on food from street stalls or seemingly unhygienic restaurants. But little do people know that eating an excess of certain combinations of food, no matter how fresh or clean it is, can cause diarrhoea as well.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits are supposed to be healthy for you and so are vegetables but when the two are consumed at the same time, it can be a recipe for disaster. Fruits contain simpler forms of sugar while vegetables contain starch and these two neutralises each other out, leading to these fruits and vegetables sitting in your stomach, undigested. And there you have it, a recipe for diarrhoea.

Meat and starch
This is basically meat and anything starchy, like potatoes, pasta, and bread. Different digestive juices are used to break down different types of food and the two digestive juices used to digest this food combination can nullify each other’s effectiveness create an abundance of gas in your system which may lead to diarrhoea. If you can’t seem to give up your turkey sandwich or chicken pasta, perhaps try adding more vegetables in your diet to reduce the side effects.

Yoghurt and berries
Fruits with berries in them are popular in supermarket and it is not surprising seeing how delicious they are but what is surprising is the side effects these two foods can possibly cause you. Sour fruits don’t go well with dairy products since they can produce toxins which once produced in excess, may cause uncomfortable diarrhoea.

Bananas and milk
Is banana milk the only kind of milk you would drink? Well, you may have to search for an alternative since the bananas and milk combination is one of the most toxin producing food combinations. And as we all know, having more toxins in your digestive system simply causes your body to want to try and expel them; in other words, diarrhoea.

Melons and everything under the sun
As yummy as they are, melons are not made to be combined with anything. These fruits are high in sugar which makes it difficult for your body to digest them, leading to indigestion and a possible case of diarrhoea. Think of melons as a lone ranger, to be left alone and not to be eaten with anything.


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